[18 Attending] Let’s Fill up Auckland! @ NZAA - 021400ZNOV19

The Auckland Airport Flyout!


About The Event:

Hello 👋 everyone and welcome to my 6th (I think) event! Today we will be doing a Flyout from the wonderful airport of Auckland! This airport is extremely underrated with loads of international routes and many Domestic routes, it’s gonna be a great time!

About NZAA (Auckland Airport):

Auckland Airport (IATA: AKL , ICAO: NZAA ) is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand, with over 21 million passengers in the year ended March 2019. It’s the most popular way into New Zealand which makes for a great airport with loads of intriguing routes!

Event Details:

Date And Time: 2019-11-02T14:00:00Z (This automatically converts to your time zone)
Server: Expert
Airport: NZAA

NZAA has a lot of gates but also has more flights then it has gates. I have tried to include as many gates as possible that I think will be popular, but if you know a route that you want and you don’t see it below please don’t be afraid to ask! I will try my best to accommodate you!

Gate Assignments:

Domestic Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
20 Jetstar A320 Queenstown NZQN
21 Jetstar A320 Dunedin NZDN
22 Jetstar A320 Christchurch NZCH
23 Jetstar A320 Rarotonga NCRG @KC3DLL
24 Air New Zealand A320 Invercargill NZNV
28 Air New Zealand A320 Christchurch NZCH @Sashaz55
29 Air New Zealand A320 Wellington NZWN @Ecoops123
30 Air New Zealand A321 (Neo) Nadi NFFN
31 Air New Zealand A320 Dunedin NZDN
32 Air New Zealand A320 Queenstown NZQN @Philippe_Gilbert
33 Air New Zealand A320 Queenstown NZQN @Jakub_Astary
34 Air New Zealand Link Q400 Blenheim NZWB
35 Air New Zealand Link Q400 NZGS Gisborne
36 Air New Zealand Link Q400 NZKK Kerikeri
37 Air New Zealand Link Q400 NZNR Napier
38 Air New Zealand Link Q400 NZNS Nelson
39 Air New Zealand Link Q400 NZNP New Plymouth
40 Air New Zealand Link Q400 NZMP Palmerston North
41 Air New Zealand Link Q400 Rotorua NZRO
42 Air New Zealand Link Q400 Tauranga NZTG
43 Air New Zealand Link Q400 Whangarei NZWR @snoman

For the Air New Zealand Link Gates the Q400 is a replacement for the ATR.

International Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
1 Air China 787-9 ZBAA Beijing Capital
2 Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 NTAA Faa’a International
3 Air Vanuatu 737-700 (generic) NVVV Port Nila
4 American Airlines 787-9 KLAX Los Angeles @rockpapernuke
5 Cathay Pacific 777W VHHH Hong Kong @Thunderbolt
6 Air New Zealand 77W RCTP Taiwan @Adam_Goodman
7 Air New Zealand 77W All Blacks YBBN Brisbane @Josh_Tomaz
8 Air New Zealand 787-9 WADD Bali @Hexmont
9 Hainan Airlines A330 (Generic) Shenzhen Bao’an International ZGSZ @Captain_JR
10 Emirates A380 OMDB Dubai International @NathanD
15 Korean Air 787-9 (generic) RKSI Seoul
16 LATAM 787-9 Arturo Merino Benítez International SCEL
17 Air New Zealand 777-300 YSSY Sydney
18 Qantas 737-800 YSSY Sydney @Louis
19 Jetstar A320 YSSY Sydney @Dylan_M
20 Virgin Australia YSSY Sydney
Remote 70 Virgin Australia 737-800 YBBN Brisbane
Remote 71 Virgin Australia 737-800 YBXG West Coast
Remote 72 Virgin Australia 737-800 YMML Melbourne @JuanCrafter_Pro
Remote 73 Virgin Australia 737-800 NCRG Ngurah Rai International
Remote 82 Virgin Australia 737-800 YWLM New Castle
Remote 83 United 787-9 KSFO San Francisco @Lil_Qaz
Remote 84 Air New Zealand 787-9 WSSS Singapore @QVG-Crunch
Remote 85 Singapore Airlines 77W WSSS Singapore @Kyle107

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A humongous thanks to @Dylan_M for inspiration!


Could I take this one please? Thanks!


Yes and thanks for coming!


If only this wasn’t at 1am… I would have loved to come


Could you add a united 787 going to KSFO?

This gate is also missing an aircraft

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I’ll have Gate 5 please. Nice event!

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i’ll take Gate 4 to LAX

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Why is it at 3:00am all the kiwis will be asleep


Hiii Sasha,

I’d like to have this gate, thanks :)

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Could I please have this one?

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Would join, but even being in Auckland right now, would still be 3am for me 😐


@Lil_Qaz Thanks for coming!
@Captain_JR could I ever say no? 😂

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Can I have gate 4 in international terminal

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Yep thanks for coming!

Could you change the time?

What time is better for you?

Put me down, I might make it I don’t know

7:00z? Or 8:00z

What’s that in normal time