[18 Attending, 47.4% Filled] The Forgotten SoCal Airport Flyout @KONT 301800ZMAR19



There is only 1 Southwest gate left and that gate goes to KPDX.

The rest of the gates are American gates.


Yes SWA1782


Thank you! You are all set! See you there! :D

Thanks for coming! :D


Did everyone forget about an amazing SoCal airport?

Sign up now so we can Breathe Life into this airport! :D
We can’t let KLAX and KSAN have all the traffic!



You can now have your flight hours for SWV at this event count! :D


I’ll take the last southwest gate to KPDX


You are signed up! :D

Would you like to add a callsign as well?

See you there! :D


Southwest 298


You are all set! See you there and thanks for coming! :D



All Southwest gates have been filled. If you would like a Southwest gate, I will put you on Standby.



In order to try and keep everything ready and filled:

  1. @757fan, would you like to add a callsign to your gate to KSFO? RESOLVED
  2. @Krunchy_Toast, would you like me to remove you from standby and add you to an official gate?


I will use the callsign UVA199; is it also possible to switch me to a E170?


Thank you. I have added your callsign and changed your aircraft to an E170! :D

You are all set, see you there! :D