[18 Attending, 47.4% Filled] The Forgotten SoCal Airport Flyout @KONT 301800ZMAR19


The Forgotten SoCal Airport Flyout

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The Breathe Life Into XXXX Series


Welcome to @BigBert10’s second event in the Breathe Life Into XXXX Series. Last time, we featured @Tim_B’s home airport, KSTL (St. Louis Lambert International Airport). The event was a blast!

This event has been co-hosted by @Daniel14, a person who is very knowledgeable about the airport we will be featuring and founder of Tailwinds Flying Club.

On March 30, 2019, let’s get more than 14 attendees to join our next event featuring KONT (Ontario International Airport). Please fly a real-world route and not a fictional one.

About Ontario International Airport (KONT)


Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: KONT
When? Saturday, March 30, 2019 5:00 PM
NOTAM: Please spawn at latest 15 minutes prior to event start. If ATC is included, follow all instructions. If ATC is not included, please use Unicom wisely. @Daniel14 is very knowledgeable about KONT. Any instructions he gives about realism, please follow them in order to make this event as realistic as it can be.

About The Event Creators



I don’t know what route to fly/I don’t want to fly the routes below.

Check FlightAware or FlightRadar24 to verify that a route exists from KONT if it is not featured below. If we can confirm that it is a real world route from KONT, we will happily add you to a gate.


Passenger Gates

Terminal 2
Gate Destination Airline Callsign Type of Aircraft User
Gate 2-01 KSFO United UVA199 E170 @757fan
Gate 2-02 KDEN United UVA216 A320 @esant_15
Gate 2-03 KJFK JetBlue A320
Gate 2-04 KPDX Alaska ASVA052 E175 (Generic) @Dylan_M
Gate 2-05 KIAH United E175 (Generic)
Gate 2-06 KSEA Alaska ASVA004 Boeing 737-900 @Mattheus
Gate 2-07 KMCO Frontier A320
Gate 2-08 KSLC Delta Boeing 737-800
Gate 2-09 KSLC Delta JM116NH CRJ9 @joslleymiguel_holand
Gate 2-10 KDEN Frontier A320
Gate 2-11 Regional Only
Gate 2-12 RCTP China Dynasty 23 Heavy B777-300ER @Captain_JR
Terminal 4 (3 Gates Left)
Gate Destination Airline Callsign Type of Aircraft User
Gate 4-01 KSJC Southwest Southwest 21 Boeing 737-700 @Aviation-21
Gate 4-02 KMDW Southwest SWA435 Boeing 737-800 @TheDeltaFlyerr
Gate 4-03 KSMF Southwest SWA1480 Boeing 737-700 @AviationGaming
Gate 4-04 KLAS Southwest SWA1782 Boeing 737-700 @Cargo
Gate 4-05 KOAK Southwest SWA1719 Boeing 737-700/800 @Plane-Train-TV
Gate 4-06 KPHX Southwest Southwest 1548 Boeing 737-700 @Kyle.r24
Gate 4-07 KDAL Southwest SWA007 Boeing 737-800 @Joseph007
Gate 4-08 KDFW American Boeing 737-800
Gate 4-09 KDFW American Boeing 737-800
Gate 4-10 KPHX American A320, A321, CRJ9
Gate 4-11 KDEN Southwest SWA212 Boeing 737-800 @Luke_Sta
Gate 4-12 KPDX Southwest Southwest 298 Boeing 737-700 @Matthew_20204
Gate 4-13 KATL Delta TFC-001 Boeing 737-900 @Daniel14
Gate 4-14 KSJC Southwest Southwest 2235 Boeing 737-700 @JeromeJ

Cargo Gates

Gate Destination Airline Callsign Type of Aircraft User
Cargo 501 KMHT Omni Air OAE202 DC-10 @Daniel_Cerritos
Cargo 502
Cargo 503
Cargo 504
Cargo 505
Gate Destination Airline Callsign Type of Aircraft User
FEDEX 1 PHNL Fedex DC-10
FEDEX 2 KMEM Fedex MD-11
FEDEX 3 KIND Fedex Boeing 777F
FEDEX 4 KOAK Fedex DC-10
Gate Destination Airline Callsign Type of Aircraft User


The event is full or gates in your desired terminal are not available?

Not to worry, because our standby list will give you a chance to be able to participate in this event.

Just give us your intended flight info (destination, airline, etc) with your desired gate and you will be put on the standby list.

Desired Gate Destination Airline Callsign Type of Aircraft User
4-08 KDFW American American 1086 Boeing 737-800 @Krunchy_Toast

Hope you all can come and make Ontario Airport as full as it can get! :D

Would you be interested in participating to my next flyout event? [POLL OPEN]

I’ll have this gate please


Thank you for coming! You have been added! :D

Would you like a callsign


This one is flown by a A350, right? 🤔


Yeah, that is why I left it empty so the person choosing this gate can have a choice of heavy aircraft other than the A380


Hmm, well you know the drill. Put me down with a 777-300ER for that one then ;)


Good looking event! I’ll have this, call sign SWA007. Thanks Bert!


Blimey, I missed it. I can’t remember the last time I was able to get that on the schedule.


Love how lots of the SoCal airports are getting attention recently! KONT is an airport people normally forget about, but is great for the Inland Empire!


May I please have this gate?


I’ll take a SWA gate. I’m unsure of my destination (like usual) though


@Captain_JR and @Dylan_M, you both have been added. Would you like me to put a callsign for the event?

@Joseph007 you are all set see you there! :D

Thank you for coming! :D

@Tim_B, you were IFATC were that event! :D


Yes. My callsign will be ASVA052.


I will put you on standby then


Thank you, you are all set! :D


Yes please.

Callsign: Dynasty 23 Heavy


A gate to KSJC in the SWA 737 please!☺


Can I take gate 2-01?


@Captain_JR, you’re all set! See you there! :D

@Aviation-21 and @757fan, you both have been added. Would you like me to add a callsign?


Southwest 21