18.6 Celebration #1 @KSJC - 152000DEC18


@ItsBlitz, please take a Gate somewhere between 19-26. Gate 28 is for alaska airlines


Gate 24 dennn


Its fine, I dont have a problem.


You know me when it comes to my home airport XD


I sure do, and its a huge pain sometimes lol.


My callsign is Southwest 3383. :)


Hi Ill take a gate. Callsign R-737R


I’ll be there, add me at gate 28 please
user: @joslley
callsign: american 116


Hi please sign me up for gate 1 please callsign [BAVA228] IFC user is @Jonas05


Sign me up pleaseusername is @Shadow87645 and Callsign is SVA0402(give me any gate)


I’ll take Gate 29 and will be flying the Alaska (2016 Livery with Splits) 737-900 - Alaska 259

Just out of interest:

Why are we climbing so slow, yesterday I managed to get a 737-900 to FL390 going 3000ft/min the whole way. That plane can climb like a rocket!


Nice looking event! FDS sure outdid themselves with 18.6.

Quick question; your title, and the time that you state in your post are inconsistent. Your title suggests the time is 2000Z, which would be 3:00pm est. However in your description you state your flight starts at 1:00pm est and lands at 3:30pm est. Just want to make sure there is no confusion



3000 is not realistic at all. Just saying.


Ok have a look at this from a 737 cockpit during initial climb:


The default value for a 737 is 1800.


Actually it is really realistic! I should know because I am realistic sim pilot and ive learned about all of this. And when it comes to the 737 it climbs good!


But in this case atleast make it 2500FPM Makes it more realistic


SAS retro livery is sad :(


Hey everybody! The Event is 2 days away!

Make sure to sign up for a gate!


Hey, since this is my home airport and since I know how departures go at KSJC, can I PLEASE pushback and takeoff first? After that, everyone can just follow my path aka the right loop