18.6 Celebration #1 @KSJC - 152000DEC18

V18.6 Celebration #1!

Server: Expert

Airport: KSJC

Time: December 15, 2018 6:00 PMDecember 15, 2018 8:30 PM

NOTAM: Please Spawn in 15 minutes prior to departure

Flight Details

Airframe - Any 737
Livery - Any 737
Departure - KSJC
Arrival - KSEA
Flight Time - 02:15
Flight Plan {Subject To Change}
KSJC MOONY SJC 3737N/12158W 3808N/12201W 3819N/12202W RBL LMT BTG 4549N/12236W PTERA KRIEG HAWKZ LIINE KSEA
Cruise - Mach 0.76
Altitude - 32,000
Climb - 1900 to FL010, 1500 to FL280, 1300 to FL320


Please Provide Callsign When Requesting A Gate
Gate IFC User Callsign
Gate 1 @Jonas05 BAVA228
Gate 2 Empty Empty
Gate 3 Empty Empty
Gate 4 Empty Empty
Gate 5 Empty Empty
Gate 6 Empty Empty
Gate 7 Empty Empty
Gate 8 Empty Empty
Gate 9 Empty Empty
Gate 10 Empty Empty
Gate 11 Empty Empty
Gate 12 Empty Empty
Gate 13 Empty Empty
Gate 14 Empty Empty
Gate 15 Empty Empty
Gate 16 Empty Empty
Gate 17 Empty Empty
Gate 18 Empty Empty
Gate 19 Empty Empty
Gate 20 Empty Empty
Gate 21 Empty Empty
Gate 22 Empty Empty
Gate 23 @Rishon_R R-737R
Gate 24 @Kamryn Southwest 21
Gate 25 @Plane-Train-TV Southwest 738
Gate 26 @BigBert10 Southwest 3383
Gate 27 @Darpan K-2SO
Gate 28 @joslleymiguel_holand American 116
Gate 29 @BennyBoy_Alpha Alaska 259
Gate 30 @Shadow87645 SVA0402
Gate 31 @Joseph_Krol Alaska 186
Gate 32 Empty Empty

Please Do Not Tag @BigBert10. Other people can love KSJC too.


ATC will be provided via PM (Pushback and takeoff clearances) I will be requesting a NOTAM put out so that IF pilots will know there is an event and will be requesting to Tyler that KSJC and KSEA be opened on this day. These may or may not happen so Be Prepared!


You just tagged me XD


Was going to tag Bert but then I saw that spoiler ;(


Ok but on KSJC related topics you get tagged like 50 times. 1<50. Sorry lol.


I’m gonna go realistic and take a gate from 27 to 30.

The 15th is the weekend just before finals, so I’m not 100% sure if I’ll be coming


No problem, just let me know day of or before!

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And callsign please?

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Oooh Bert. It’s your luck day sir. What are the odds an event is taking place at San Jose? Darpan will be angry at me in:



I’ll snag a gate


Ooof ok, what gate @Plane-Train-TV? Also I need a callsign.

Wait is it all Alaska or can I be in a different airline?

I’d be down to join. I will be either United/Alaska 186. I’ll take Gate 31 @Darpan

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I’ll be next to Bert. I’ll be Southwest or Alaska. We will take it over right Bert?

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Any airline is fine. As long as it’s a 737.

Oh sweet! Then I’ll switch over to Southwest! :D

Give me a gate from Gate 19-26. I’ll be Southwest 3383 Boeing 737-700.

@Joseph_Krol go Alaska because United does not have nonstop KSJC-KSEA :(


Just a note, I personally will be taking the Alaska Virgin more to love 739.

Hit me up next to Bert. I’ll fly Southwest 738


Alaska operates in Gates 27-30 and Southwest can be found at Gates 19-26 and sometimes 12 and 13 SOMETIMES when KSJC is overloaded with Southwest planes XD

Now that you mention the UA thing, I will either do Alaska 739 (new livery) or Southwest 737 (mustard)

What is your callsign???

I’ll take gate 28 in the Southwest 738 =) Southwest 21 is meh callsign