18.2 Keeps Crashing!

So since the 18.2 update came out the Sim keeps Crashing.
Every time it’s crashed I’ve been using the new CRJ-700.
I’m using it on Android 8.1.0 in case that’s important and I downloaded it from the Google Play Store.

Does this happen to anyone else and if so do you know how to fix it?

Re-installing it almost always helps

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Err… So I did that and now whenever I try to log in to use my Pro Subscription with Google the app crashes.

Then you may have a problem. Try deleting, turning device fully off then re-installing

If no fixture after that, then yeh a problem


Try this in the same order:


I think it depends on what device you use. I havent crashed yet since the update came out.

Yeah, I’m guessing the Android version is buggier than the IOS version.