17SEP22 - 2022 virtual Abbotsford airshow!

Come do it at Kahului! Ill be you’re controller. hop in the TC!

Im tryna be IFATC aswell hehe im training

Im sorry that there were some mishaps, but thank you all for sticking around!

No problem. Thanks for hosting!

No problemo, this has been the first airshow in a little while that ive been at both in real life and in IF!

Thanks for hosting and attempting to shutdown any trolls

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@Generic_Flyer @United403 @AIDAN101 @Avaitor1 @Captain_Angell @Ken_wei @Alaska_298_super_YT @Butter575
Come join!

Beat you to the reply, already there. Look out for a generic dc-10

Saw it, just tagged u to do it :P

Couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get some traffic at Kahului, it’s the second airport I’ve ever been at

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Excited for y’all to be featured in my next video, itll probably take a few days to do, but itll be worth it (hopefully)


@AIDAN101 your captains head is gone…

Must be a dc-10 thing today

must be! I dont know why.

Must be widespread enough, since there was a support topic a little while back

I am at PHTO rn

Oh two planes from Hawaiʻi island! Fun!

Spawned in, talk to me in group chat.

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Out of curiosity i checked again and the head is definitely gone

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@Alaska_298_super_YT, would it be okay to share my featured event here, to get more sign ups?

Can you post the video thanks