17SEP20 / 2000Z - Rush hour cargo delivery @ KMEM to OMDB


Hello everyone welcome to this event, in this event we will be delivering cargo to Dubai international airport from KMEM. About KMEM, KMEM or know as Memphis International airport is the home of FedEx Express flying to over 139 destinations around the world but in this event we will be flying to Dubai international airport the aircrafts we will be using is MD-11F, DC-10F, and B77F and the livery will all be FedEx.

Facts about Memphis Airport

Facts about Dubai Airport

Flight time: 14:10

Aircrafts and livery: B77F, MD-11F, and DC-10F FedEx

Flight Plan: Will be available at event copy from BritishAirways001

Server: Expert

Airport: KMEM to OMDB

Time: 2020-09-17T19:00:00Z

FedEx Cargo Ramp
Aircraft Livery Gate Pilot
MD-11F FedEx 100 @Darenrocks15
B77F FedEx 101
DC-10F FedEx 110 @tunamkol
MD-11F FedEX 111
MD-11F FedEx 112
B77F FedEx 113
B77F FedEx 200 @BritishAirways001
MD-11F FedEx 201
MD-11F FedEx 203
DC-10F FedEx 204
DC-10F FedEx 205
DC-10F FedEx 206
MD-11F FedEx 207
B77F FedEx 208
B77F FedEx 209
DC-10F FedEx 210
DC-10F FedEx 211

More gates to be added if gates are full

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Hope to see people sign up

Anyone would like to join for some reason no one joins my new events

Hey! Sign me up pls for any DC10 gate!

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Alright the first sign up

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Let’s get some more sign ups

Let’s get some more sign ups

Can I get any MD-11 gate?

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Alright @Darenrocks15 you got a gate let’s get some more sign ups

Can mods please close this topic event is canceled

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Event has been cancelled and OP requested closure.