17OCT20 / 2245Z - The World’s Most Isolated Airport @FACT-FHSH

Saint Helena Fly In

As you know, Saint Helena is one of the most isolated places in the entire world. In fact, if you would like to learn more about it, you could watch the video posted on YouTube a few months back by Jeb Brooks. Along with that, you could watch the other video by Wendover Productions, where you can learn about the islands history, and the airport itself. As you know, they don’t have enough gate there to suit everyone, so we will do a fly in to there. We will be taking off from Cape Town, and landing in Saint Helena. We are making it a little challenging, and be using the Comair 737. In fact, this was the first plane to ever attempt to lay in there. Eventually, the plane was switched to an Embraer E190, after it was decided that the 737 was a little too big. However, we will be attempting the challenging landing. I recommend that do you have at least six hours of fuel, in case we need to divert back to the mainland, as is done with the regular flight. They always carry enough fuel for the worst, because there are no diversion airports. And as always, without further ado, onto the gates and information!

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Time: 2020-10-17T22:45:00Z

Airport Chart/Map



A3|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @Tsumia
A4|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @Aviation2929
A5|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @CaptainZac
A6|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @Pingu
A7|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @Shafran
A8|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @nativetoalaska
A9|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @Stellar_G
A10|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @Tate_Wang
A11|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @DeltaFox
A12|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @owen250708
A13|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @AviationFreak
A14|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @IF-Mallorca
A15|Comair|737-800|St. Helena| @anon74260613
A16|Comair|737-800|St. Helena
A17|Comair|737-800|St. Helena

When you land in Saint Helena, please remember to despawn immediately after you leave the runway, leaving open ramp space for everyone else. Thank you!

More gates will be added upon request/need

Thank you and enjoy the fly out!


I’ll take a gate, why not.

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I’ll take this gate please. But I can only do it if it is pushed back 1 day

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I would like a gate too maybe gate A10

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You’ve all been signed up!

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Who else is going to be a taker?

A7 please! Thanks!

Ok, A7 it is!

Sounds like fun, sign me up.

You are signed up!


Looks fun, I’ll take A8!

You have A8!

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Ooooh interesting… I like this, will be a challenge to land! Can I have this gate?

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You got it

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put me on gate A11, not 100% sure i can make it but i think i can

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All good. I signed you up

Event is in just a few days!

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