17OCT20 / 1900Z- The Bozeman Flyout @ KBZN

is there any chance of getting another commercial Gate?

Please sign me up for GA Ramp 07, TBM, to KPUW, call sign N76VT. Thanks!

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I currently can’t sign you up for… reasons but you can still join :) Can’t wait to c u there!

You’re flying out of my home airport and didn’t even tell me? 😡

I’ll take a 737BBJ to KLAS please! Any GA is fine. Thanks for doing this, great to see BZN getting some attention!

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I’ll sign you up but I’ll tell you if anyone didn’t show up

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@PlaneCrazy and @David_Mullen you are now both signed up :)

Thanks for the great event @KBUR_Aviation! I appreciate the GA component. Sorry I missed your “immediate right” instruction.

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Thank’s for joining! And it’s fine lol