17OCT20 / 0430Z - World's Trade Hub to The International City @ VHHH to EGLL


Hi all and welcome to another #live:groupflights topic! This flight will take us from the city of Hong Kong to the city of London! London will (most surely) be fully staffed tomorrow as it’s featured on the ATC Schedule. Lets also celebrate the 20.2 Beta (for those who have it) with some nice 77W hauling! Those without beta can still wnjoy this route with the A359!

Flight Information

Aircraft - Cathay Pacific or British Airways 77W / Cathay Pacific A359

Route - VHHH (Hong Kong) to EGLL (London)

Flight Time - 12:55 / 2020-10-17T04:30:00Z2020-10-17T17:25:00Z

^ Please note we may experience delays due to heavy traffic ^

Pushback will begin at around 0415Z. Takeoff will be expected 0430Z.

You will be invited to a PM if you are able to attend 😊


I’ll come! Sounds exciting. I don’t have beta so I’ll be joining in the A359


Anyone else? Would love some more!


I usually would, but midnight is a little too late to takeoff. 😂

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I’ll join with a BA 777-300ER

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I have a ton of time to do group flights because I have COVID-19


You actually do? That sucks… I’ll invite you too a PM shortly

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I do have it. Alright thanks this seems to be a n exciting flight. I’ll talk more about my virus in the PM

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Hiiii! I’ll join along in this perilous and maybe dangerous and long adventure

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Yayayayayya, 3 people. Thanks Harry!

Ur welcome buddy

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