17NOV20 / 0030Z Journey to Seoul @KATL-RKSI

  • Aircraft and Livery: Delta A350-900

  • Route: Atlanta (KATL) - Seoul (RKSI)

  • Time of Departure: 1430Z

  • Server: Training Server

  • Additional Information: I will be at gate F6 at the F concourse in Atlanta. I will also have the FPL ready when you spawn…I encourage you to spawn in 20 minutes prior to departure. The cruising altitude will be FL380 at VS1900. The speed below 10,000 will be 250 knots and the speed above 10,000 will be Mach 0.80. Please reply so I can give you a gate number. Even if everything goes wrong just have fun with it! 😄 I hope to see you there… if I got the time wrong it’s at 7:45EST! @Aviation108 will be at gate F8 and push back first, then myself I will taxi and @Aviation108 will taxi behind me. This is serious though so do not pass through each other and while inflight stay at least 5nm away from one another. A big thanks to @Aviation108 for helping me with this flight! Side note, after myself and @Aviation108 push back, there is no exact order to which hall should push back. Have fun!😁
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That was about 5 hours ago… maybe you mean 0030z?

Thank you @dca.iad.aviation! Would you like to come?

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can i come

Hey there @Half-Aviation! Yes you certainly can! Your gate will be gate F4 in Atlanta. Have a good one! 😆. We will depart at 0030Z or 7:45EST!

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