17MAY21 / 1935Z - Captain No Gear Live! - @EGLL - EGPH

Hi ya all!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the recently added 21.1 update!

Join me on the expert server and live on YouTube as I take my first look at the new update! Stream and flight starts at 19:30z (3:30est) hope to see you all there!


Flight information

  • Aircraft and Livery : British Airways 757-200
  • Route : EGLL - EGPH
  • Time of Departure : ~19:35z
  • Server : Expert Server
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Fixed the tile, you should be all good to go! Looks like a fun flight

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Good save my man. Thanks! 😂


I’ll (probably) join you

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Awesome! Hope to see you there!

We are live!

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