17MAY20 / 2200Z - Vegas Massive Flyout! Presented by SWVA @ KLAS

Vegas Fly-out!

38 Current Attendees!

Hello Pilots! May 17th will be my 14th birthday and I invite you to come out and fly out at my home airport! Las Vegas is an airport known to be the gateway to the west.

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Airport: McCarran International Airport - KLAS

Time: 2200Z | 2020-05-17T22:00:00Z

NOTAMS: IFATC will be present, please respect and follow all ATC instructions. We are not responsible for ghosts or violations.

Terminal 1

A Gates | Allegiant | 15 Gates Left
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendee
A23 KTUL Allegiant A320 -
A22 KSCK Allegiant A320 -
A21 KPIA Allegiant A320 @AmarKoric11
A20 KBOI Allegiant A320 -
A19 KBLI Allegiant A320 -
A18 KGJT Allegiant A320 -
A17 KRAP Allegiant A320 -
A07 KMFE Allegiant A320 -
A15 KRNO Allegiant A320 -
A14 KFSD Allegiant A320 -
A12 KMFR Allegiant A320 -
A11 KBZM Allegiant A320 -
A10 KSAT Allegiant A320 -
A08 KICT Allegiant A320 -
A05 KPGD Allegiant A320 @Prerb
A03 KRNO Allegiant A320 -
B Gates | Spirit, Southwest | 12 Gates Left
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendee
B01 KDEN Spirit A320 -
B02 KSEA Spirit A320 -
B06 KDFW Spirit A321 -
B17 KAUS Spirit A320 -
B25 KDTW Spirit A321 -
B24 KBOS Spirit A321 -
B23 KORD Spirit A321 -
B22 KFLL Spirit A321 @Jafet_Zuniga
B21 KIAH Spirit A320 -
B20 KMSP Spirit A320 -
B19 KTPA Spirit A320 -
B15 KSJC Southwest 737 @BigBert10
B14 KLAX Southwest 738 @TranX
B12 KSLC Southwest 737 -
B11 KLGB Southwest 737 -
B10 KSNA Southwest 738 @WheelerAviation
B09 KBWI Southwest 738 @Josh_aviation
C Gates | Southwest | 7 Gates Left
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendee
C25 KMDW Southwest 738 -
C24 KHOU Southwest 738 -
C23 KSAN Southwest 737 -
C22 KLIT Southwest 737 -
C21 KOAK Southwest 738 @Luke_Sta
C19 KPIT Southwest 737 -
C16 KBUF Southwest 738 @TylerShah
C14 KATL Southwest 738 -
C12 KDAL Southwest 737 @Southwest0012
C11 KBOI Southwest 737 @_Smith
C09 KSJC Southwest 738 @CaptainZac
C08 KLBB Southwest 737 @Johhhn
C07 KSAT Southwest 737 @Lorenzo_Rivera
C05 KFLL Southwest 738 @AviatorNikola
C04 KSEA Southwest 738 @ItsBlitz
C03 KSEA Southwest 737 @Pingu
C02 KLAX Southwest 737 @Populeux_Music
C01 KBNA Southwest 738 -

Terminal 3

D Gates | American, Delta, United, Frontier | 28 Gates Left
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendee
D59 PHNL Hawaiian 767 @AlphaKilo
D33 PHOG Hawaiian A321 (Generic) -
D58 KEWR United 739 @snoman
D57 KSFO United A320 -
D56 KORD United 738 @NathanD
D55 KIAH United 739 @MJP_27
D54 KLAX United 737 @Chuck_Aviation
D53 KEWR United A320 @DanG387
D52 KDEN United 738 -
D51 KAID United 739 -
D50 KTMP United 739 @Fish
D16 KCOS Frontier A320 -
D18 KSFO Frontier A320 -
D26 CYVR Air Canada Rouge A319 @ILOVE7879-2.0
D24 KMSP Sun Country 738 (Generic) -
D21 KTPA Frontier A321 -
D20 KBNA Frontier A320 @anon79257371
D19 KCLE Frontier A320 -
D17 KSTL Frontier A321 -
D04 KLAX American A321 -
D06 KPHX American A321 -
D08 KDFW American 738 -
D10 KORD American 787 -
D11 KMIA American 738 @Udeme_Ekpo
D12 KDFW American 787 -
D14 KCLT American A321 -
D09 KRDU American A321 -
D07 KLAX American 738 -
D05 KJFK American 738 -
D03 KAUS American 787 -
D01 KSEA American A321 -
D32 KDTW Delta A321 -
D34 KSLC Delta 738 -
D36 KSAN Delta A319 -
D38 KSEA Delta A333 @ToasterStroodie
D40 KATL Delta A321 @jet_centric
D41 KSAN Delta 738 -
D42 KPAE Delta ERJ170 -
D43 KSNA Delta ERJ170 -
D39 KDTW Delta A321 -
D37 KMSP Delta 739 -
Alaska, JetBlue, International | 4 Gates Left
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendee
E01 LLGB El Al 78X @Tyler_Barley
E02 EGLL British 744 @Hayden_Buerckner
E03 EHAM KLM 787 @Infinite_Qantas
E05A EGLL Virgin Atlantic 789 @Branstar_247
E07 CYWG Westjet 737 -
E08 KBOS JetBlue A321 @Captain_T_Malone
E09 KJFK JetBlue A321 @Adrian_Hernandez
E10 KLGB JetBlue A320 @TestFlight009
E11 KSEA Alaska A320 -
E12 KSEA Alaska 739 @javen_freeborn
E13 KSFO Alaska A320 -
E14 KPDX Alaska A320 -

General Aviation and Cargo

General Aviation | 4 Gates Left

Sands Corp 02 can hold up to an MD-11

Gate Destination Aircraft Attendee
FBO NV Jets 01 RJAA-WAHH CCX @ouzi
FBO NV Jets 02 Your Choice Your Choice -
FBO NV Jets 03 KLGB 737BBJ @Alec
Sands Corp Apron 01 Your Choice Your Choice -
Sands Corp Apron 02 Your Choice Your Choice -
Sands Corp Apron 03 Your Choice Your Choice -
Cargo | 5 Gates Left
Gate Destination Aircraft Attendee
Cargo Apron 01 KMEM FedEx MD-11F -
Cargo Apron 02 KMEM FedEx MD-11F -
Cargo Apron 03 KSGU FedEx C208 -
Cargo Apron 04 KOAK UPS 757 -
Cargo Apron 05 KSDF UPS 757 -

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How many slot machines are located inside McCarran airport?
  • 1554
  • 1300
  • 250
  • 5500

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Looks great!

Can I take gate C01 to Nashville please?

Ill get you down =)

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Could I please get D58? Thanks!

Ill get you down!

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Ok so @ItsBlitz you can pick either a Southwest route, United route, or Alaska route for me! But it has to be close to an hour! And you pick the route for me

ill get you down for C23 to KSAN if that’s fine by you =)

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Ok that’s fine!! Thank you!

This one for me please

I will add you now, see you ther!

I will take this gate please

You got it!

Thank you bro

Just to let everyone know, the event has a chance of getting IFATC =)

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Hard for me to pick a route sinceI used to live in Vegas aswell. Maybe I could control.

I contacted Tyler, he said he will be looking into it

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let me know if it gets approved

Definitely will!

May I have this route?

see what I did there?

Yes you can can