17MAY20 / 0800Z - Helsinki: Viking Adventure - An AIVA Event @ VIDP


Fjords, 200,000 lakes and the breathtaking views are a must of Finland. Its natural beauty has been attracting millions of tourists ever year. Marked as one of the happiest countries in the world, The kindness of the Residents living admits the beautiful nature speaks for its Rank.

Delhi is the Capital of our Diverse country. The street food, vivid nature of the people and definitely Atithi Devo Bhava attracts millions in the Capital.

At AIVA we had a list of routes but came out with a long but spectacular route connecting the Capitals of both country.

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Route: Indira Gandhi International Airport (VIDP) - Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport (EFKH)

Aircraft: B747-400 ; B777-200LR ; B787-8

Flight Time: 6 Hours 30 Minutes

Date & Time: 2020-05-17T08:00:00Z β†’ 2020-05-17T14:30:00Z

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You can choose between the 744, 77L or 788 to fly for the event. Just let us know the aircraft, appropriate gate and callsign.

Departure Gates:

Gate Callsign Name
B24 @Emil_Levander
R01 @United2
Gate Callsign Name
A9 AIVA021 @AKSHAY_2777
A10 AIVA007 @Krsh7
A13 AIVA058 @BlueKingGaming
C29 AIVA123 @Sriram
48 AIVA065 @Felix_Monroe
Gate Callsign Name
A7 AIVA086 @Anajeet
A12 AIVA090 @Sanket_Gawade
49 AIVA013 @Gopisreekanth_Chukka
C27 AIVA050 @Captain_Sid
46 AIVA009 @PocketRishi
43 AIVA001 @indraniel
42 AIVA054 @Rohan_Mehrotra

Arrival gates will be provided closer to the event.
More gates will be added if needed.

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Speed : 0.84Mach

Server = Expert

Planned RunwayS for takeoff = 28 & 29

Planned Runway for landing = TBA

Multiplier for AIVA Pilots: 2X

More details

Climb Profile

1,000ft - 10,000ft = vs +2500 | 240kt

10,000ft - 28,000ft = vs +1800 | 310

28000ft - 30,000ft = vs + 1500 | 0.84M

Maintain 2500ft until established on the localizer

Start to descent at around 150nm from destination

Maintain atleast 10nm separation between each other at all times

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*Indira Gandhi International Airport (NEW DELHI-VIDP) has a bunch of destinations all across the globe. So we at Air India Virtual have taken special care and brought out for you pilots a very pleasing and interesting route.

  • All IFC pilots are invited to join this event. Please leave a message to join and our event managers will add you.

  • Please make sure that all the pilots are present at their allocated gate at least 15-20 mins prior departure.

  • Pushback is not allowed at the same time during the event, please pushback only one after another.

  • Please follow IFATC instructions if present to avoid unnecessary ghosting. In case of absence of IFATC please ensure proper use of UNICOM.

  • This event is a very special event for all of us at Air India virtual and we would really appreciate it if all you pilots would take the time to join us.

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Will be shared closer to the event date.

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Please send us a DM if your VA would like to partner with us!

At Air India Virtual we aim to to provide the best Indian hospitality and experience above the skies of India. Going back to date, this VA was founded in late December '18 by our former CEO @Prasoon_S and the airline has been going strong for 1.5 years. Experience of our pilots ranges from IFATC to IFAET to Content Creators. We are a well rounded VA with many experienced and mature members. We would love to have you on-board and expand our airline.

With more than 1500 routes, 70+ pilots, a wide range of aircraft, 20+ codeshares, what else do you need to be enticed to join? We have all kinds of pilots from all around the world, ultra long haulers to short haulers. At AIVA, you will experience the real flavors and colors of India.

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I would like to take B744 gate.

Even when for this time it’s B747

I would like to take gate 44 with B77L and my call sign is AIVA054

Gate 41

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Ill take A13 for the B77L to helsinki. Callsign AIVA058

I would like to take gate 42 with B788 and my call sign is AIVA054

Hi so this isnt possible to do with the finnair a350? If not i will take any gate with the 744 :)

A03 works :)

I will like to get a gate with B777 to Helsinki. My call sign is AIVA036

i will take this gate AIVA001, B787

You all have been signed up for B744 gates!



@Emil_Levander , please let us know your preferred callsign.

You all have been signed up for B77L gates!




You have been signed up for a B788 gate!


Hello there @Rohan_Mehrotra,
It seems that you have requested gate twice both for B788 & B77L, please let us know your preferred aircraft and gate.

Aircraft Gates Remaining
B744 11
B77L 10
B788 12

I would like to take gate 42 with B788 and my call sign is AIVA054

Sign me up. B744

Can I take a 788 to Helsinki please? My callsign is AIVA009.


You have been signed up for B744 gates!

@United2 Please let us know your preferred callsign.

You have all been signed up for a B788 gate!



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Aircraft Gates Remaining
B744 10
B77L 10
B788 10

I’d like to join. Kindly assign a gate for me.

Will take B777

Call sign AIVA 123

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You have been signed up! Thanks for joining!