17MAY20 / 0410Z - From the Rockies to the Alps

Today we will fly from one mountain range to another while we fly from Vancouver to Zurich both of these cities will have ATC when we are there.

Aircraft: A350 or 787 any livery

Route: CYVR VIDRI ROMRA BOJAM YZU YMM DUROT YSF URSIS 100U 090U 080B 070B BOPUT 6900N0-6100W 6900N0-6000W 6900N0-5900W 6900N0-5800W 6900N0-5700W 6900N0-5600W 6900N0-5500W 6900N0-5400W AA DEVBO SIMON ANDRE KUNUK 6800N0-4900W 6800N0-4800W 6800N0-4700W 6800N0-4600W 6800N0-4500W 6800N0-4400W 6800N0-4300W 6800N0-4200W 6800N0-4100W 6800N0-4000W 6800N0-3900W 6800N0-3800W 6700N0-3500W 6700N0-3400W 6700N0-3300W 6700N0-3200W 6700N0-3100W 6700N0-3000W 6700N0-2900W 6600N0-2600W 6500N0-2300W MYRAR RK EL METIL NASBU MIKLA ING ROSTI LARUX MY PEMOS SUM FORTY ODMIX CUTEL ASKAM PELET GOLVO VENAS LONAM SPY ZANDA OGINA ROVEN LOPIK VELED LUTOM BROGY TERLA LNO GESLO GOPAS DIK LIMGO DIK22 SUTAL GTQ GTQ14 LSZH

Pushback time: 2020-05-17T04:10:00Z

Server: Expert

@Delta18: A350
@2jayzz1: A350

Hey! Cool event. Just FYI if it’s 2100 PDT then it’s 0400Zulu time :)


My bad changing it now

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Not only that, it says 16th of May, as it should be 17th :)

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I totally would join but I won’t be able to land :(

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No worry’s maybe next Time

I’ll attend!

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Alright what plane are you flying?

Flying a A350 (CALLSIGN: DELTA 717).

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