17JUL23: The London City Flyout DEPARTED

@YT_Sniegutizzz thanks so much for helping

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ill take this

@poncho41 coming right up

that was a quick response 😯

Speedy United403 Noises BRRRRRR

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No problem, when the event starts, you find me on Breeze Virtual ;)

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This please

@Jay003 Choix incroyable

Amazing choice in French

skiathos please

@JakesAviationYT coming right up

10 British Airways Mallorca E190.

I’ll be taking this one

@yenier_Rodriguez welcome back to the community! i’ll get you signed up right away

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@United403 thanks!

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I’ll take this gate

@Cryptronic11 coming right up

West apron gate 6 please

So proud that my home town event is getting so much attention

Can I do this one?

@Mort @FutureUnited
You both are signed up

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Thanks! I’m excited for it!