17JUL21 / 1600Z - The Ultimate Kahului Landing Competition @ PHOG

The Ultimate Kahului Landing Competition @ PHOG (Kahului, Hawaii)

Sponsored by NAPC

Hey IFC!

Its time for a landing competition since we haven’t had one in a while! Simply come by Kahului airport and try your best at landing! And judge each other’s landings. There will not be an official score, just community scores.

ATC Staffing

PHOG Tower - @Crcoli737
PHOG Ground - @Crcoli737
PHOG ATIS - @Crcoli737
PHOG Approach - Available
Maui Center - Available

Airport Charts



This event is sponsored and hosted by the staff at NAPC.

Happy Landing!


I’ll be there!

Confirm the time is 2021-07-17T18:00:00Z?

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Yes. That is correct.

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I think your zulu time in the title may be incorrect then.

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Oop sorry, the correct time is 2021-07-17T16:00:00Z


Nope, I read @AviationFreak’s local time wrong.

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How long does it last for?

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Sorry sounds fun but I can’t join because it would start at like 2am where I live,

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However long it takes you to land or judge other people’s landings, I assume from beginning to end probably about an hour and a half.

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So do you mean you and/or other people will be there for an hour and a half to watch my landing(s)?

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Yeah. That’s the point of a landing competition no?


Event Starting Soon!

Hey guys! The event is starting in 45 minutes for anyone else who would like to join!

Spawn Time!

It’s 10 minutes before! Go ahead and spawn in and get ready to go!

How do we rate other aircrafts?

Just reply here with how you think they did with a tag 😀

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Are you rating?

I am not, however I did see a few of yours and they were dead-on 🤪

My first southwest landing was good but the second one was ok. Right now I am just sitting in free cam waiting.

@TVANatalie471 did good except for that last one 😬

Dont mind my landings before 11 I wasn’t trying ;)

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