17JUL20 / 1630Z - KROA - KMTV - KLWB The Blue Ridge VA Fly Out


  • Aircraft and Livery: TBM and C208 Private Liveries

  • Route: KROA Pattern Work and after Flyout of KROA to KMTV nice 30 min Flight

  • Time of Departure: 2020-07-17T16:30:00Z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: ATC may be possible if maybe a person with a ATC Thread would like to join im all for it C:

I am on the ATC now!

Ok sweet Im coming rn

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I’m active

How long are we doing pattern for

not sure working on getting more people I gotta stick up for my Cessna Fam

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Need anymore ATC?

I’m still controlling but you can join if you like

Could you control for me to do some?

@MJP_27 are you able to control for us?

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Sure! I can do that!

Can I have Tower and ground?

Bro I didnt land also why would you give me go arround because there are no planes on the rw also why would I extend down wind each time I go into the pattern

@MJP_27 yeah! I’m flying

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You wasn’t following ATC instruction and wasn’t cleared for landing yet you continued inbound so I issued a go around…

I was extending your downwind as you wasn’t flying far enough 👍🏻

There is no other way on the Training server to teach people not to carry out short approaches or to listen to ATC instruction so you have to give detailed instruction to show them

well it is ok to run a short pattern in a GA plane and you cleared me for the option 2 times and you were also telling me to remain in the pattern everytime you cleared me for the option

@MJP_27 could you fly with me to KMTV in a 208 or in a TBM

everyone could hop in a plane and we can fly im making a flight plan rn we can fly to KMTV then to KLWB

I can’t do a flight right now. Sorry

ok then thanks for controlling then C:

@Deacon_Williams are you going to fly to KMTV if so plz get in a private livery insted of a military