17JUL20 / 1400Z - British Airways Flight @ EGKK


  • Boeing 747 - British airways:

  • **EGKK - KJFK **:

  • 3:00PM BST:


  • **This is a flight from EGKK TO JKFK, this is British airways’ most popular route flown! And following the 747 fleet being scrapped from British airways, I thought what better than to fly their most popular route… I’m looking for…

•Anyone who is willing to fly
•Controllers for London Gatwick tower, ground, departure and London centre (if available)
•Controllers at KJFK
•DC-10F refuelers for any jets wishing to escort!
Anyone who wishes to fly a fast jet as an escort may!

The first flight will leave at 3:00PM BST on the dot!

Hope to see you all soon 😁 pm me for any information


Firstly, events must be posted within 3 hours of being posted, and 6pm BST is not within 3 hours, secondly the title needs changing, follow the format shown in the topic below.

Which means the OP should change…? Being descriptive would help somoene who doesn’t know what to do, than just a link.


Now complete

@Bradders777X appologies, it was supposed to be 3PM BST!

Could you also clarify what Zulu time is 3PM BST?



Can anyone wishing to take part say the role they are taking part in please so I have a rough idea

Mate I would but I am very busy tomorrow, and I have a flight with the ETE or 5 more hours, I can’t join, but have a good flight though!

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Thank you! It’s today lol but have a good one 👍🏻

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Hey, I just changed your title. Unfortunately I can’t make it though. Good luck with your event!

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Cancelled by OP