17JAN21 / 2200Z - The GraveYard Flyout @ KVCV

Ever wanted to go to the Victorville graveyard (KVCV)? Who doesn’t?!?

This fly out as it is more unique then any other. I have tried to make this in the past but it didn’t work lol oops. Anyways, for this fly out it will be a completely retro flyout or just stored planes. As we all know, the corona virus lead to lots of long term stored aircraft and just as much retirements. I thought we could take some of these older aircraft and fill up the graveyard. Basically you can’t spawn in the graveyard itself, you have to taxi there. In the image you will see that there are gates south of the airport. You can spawn there and taxi up to the graveyard. To keep everything organized park your plane so that it is facing north to south. Also please park at the north before you go farther south. The time we should all leave should be after 2200Z. So get there early so we can all fill it up before we all start to depart.

Server: expert

Quick thing I would like to add.
I would ask as a preference you fly older aircraft like these
-md10/11 (any variant)

Don’t you all think being at a virtual graveyard would be pretty cool. It’s unlike any other experience you will ever have in this simulator if we can all join in.

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Looks like a really cool flyout! i would love to join. Do we choose our own routes / aircraft?

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At least say what’s wrong :)


This looks like a textbook event to me

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What server will this be on

Yes you do

Expert server

Ok see you there :)

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Is this event still going ahead

I guess not!!!

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