17JAN21 / 1700Z - The Sint Maarten Swarm! @ TNCM & TFFG [COMPLETED]

Thanks to @Butter_Boi for making this awesome banner!
This event is hosted by @Aviation108 and @Errigal.

The Sint Maarten Swarm!

Welcome to this two airport flyout! Whether you choose to fly transatlantic, or do some island hopping, me and @Errigal hope that you have fun doing it!


Princess Juliana (TNCM)
Grand Case (TFFG)

Time: 2021-01-17T17:00:00Z

Server: Expert

About The Airports

Famous for Maho Beach, Princess Juliana International Airport is by far the most well known airport on the island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. Located near Phillipsburg, on the Dutch side of the island, Princess Juliana International Airport serves destinations in North, Central, and South America, Europe, and other islands near it, making it one of the biggest international airports in the Caribbean. On the French side of the island, the lesser known Grand Case Airport serves only 2 destinations (according to FlightConnections.com), Point-a-Pitre and the infamous Saint Barthelemy. One thing that makes this lesser known airport interesting is that after the ATR’s that operate there, back taxi the runway, they use reverse thrust to use the entire runway.

Grand Case Wikipedia
Princess Juliana Wikipedia

About The Event

This is an event with two airports. The larger airport, Princess Juliana, will have flights to assorted European, North American, Central American, and South American destinations. The smaller airport, Grand Case, will serve regional flights, as well as a Caribbean GA island hop! We hope you can attend!


Princess Juliana International Airport

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B01 KLM 744 Amsterdam @The_Real_Plane_Spott
A01 Air Caraibes A359 Paris Orly @Patrick_Sterling_Jr
A02 Delta 752 Atlanta @ORD777flyer
A03 Air France 77W Paris Charles de Gaulle @PATOU95
A04 JetBlue A321 New York JFK @MJP_27
B02 Copa 738 Panama City @Zaid_Martines
B03 United 738 Washington Dulles @Aviation2929
B04 Air Canada 767 Toronto Pearson
B05 Caribbean Airlines 738 Port of Spain @Nawf

Grand Case Gates

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
GA 2 Air Caraibes DHC 8 Q400* Point-a-Pitre
GA 3 Air Caraibes Cessna 208 St. Barthelemy @Nightt
GA 4 Air Antilles Express DHC 8 Q400* Point-a-Pitre
GA 5 St. Barths Commuter Cessna 208* St. Barthelemy
GA 1 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping @Spike71
GA 6 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping @LNCEC
GA 7 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping @Aviation108
GA 8 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping @Errigal
GA 9 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
GA 10 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
GA 11 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
GA 12 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
GA 13 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
GA 14 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
GA 15 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
GA 16 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
GA 17 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
GA 18 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
GA 19 None Cessna 208 Island Hopping
Princess Juliana Airport Diagram

Grand Case Airport Diagram

  • Aircraft designated with * will use the generic livery
  • Pilots doing the Island Hopping route may use any livery except for Iraqi Army, Columbia Army, Air Caraibes, DHL, and FedEx
  • DHC 8 stands in for the ATR 72 normally used

Island Hopping

For this special island hopping route, we will use the Cessna 208 Caravan and hop from island to island, eventually finishing up in Port of Spain. The route features places such as the famous St. Barths, with a hill obstructing a clear approach, and Saba, the worlds shortest runway with scheduled airline service. Hopefully, we will have everyone arrive safely, at Port of Spain! After you land at an airport, you will refuel (if necessary), and then head for the next airfield. If required, you will need to vacate the ramp to make room for arriving traffic, depending on apron size. We hope you can join us on this fun-filled journey through the Caribbean!

A detailed PM will be sent to all those who sign up 3 days prior to the flyout

NOTAMS and Rules

  • If ATC is present, please be respectful. If Unicom is in use, please do not spam.
  • Do not cut in line, and always act professional
  • We are not responsible for any violations/reports you may get
  • PM either me or @Errigal for any questions you may have
  • Have fun!

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Gate B05 please. Thank you!

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I hope you enjoy your flight to Port of Spain!

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Pls ! May I use 77W iso 346

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This is a lot of people this early on! Hopefully we can get some more island hopping gates filled up!

Can’t wait! Grand Case is unique and there are so many unique and frankly, dangerous and challenging airports along the way!

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