17JAN21 / 1400Z | United Virtual and NAPC Present: New Years Celebration - Celebrating 2020 | @KORD

Kewl beans! Can’t wait 😁

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Thank you Pingu for setting up the event and signing me up

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Could I actually do this flight instead?


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Fun fact, this was actually my first IRL flight at 6 months of age!
I don’t know what aircraft I was on though, considering it was 14 years ago.


This one for me please,thanks! :)

Thanks for signing up!

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Wait can I change my gate to this one please?

Sure, thanks for coming.

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Please can I have the Swiss flight to Zurich

I will take gate K02 to Vegas but can I fly that in the A321. That is a real life route

Sure, thanks for signing up @TheFlyingGuy1 and @samory167!

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Can I change my gate to this one please ? I was originally on the Lufthansa A350 one to Frankfurt.

@Pingu can you switch my gate to KLAX with the United B757 please? Thanks!

@MJP_27 and @Nee, you have been changed.

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When is the PM gonna come??

KORD-KALB B8 But can you change the aircraft to the 737-700 plz?

@Harunav sometime tonight or tomorrow. We still have 3 days until the event. @Butter1, I’ll sign you up now.

Can I switch my gate from B7 to K15? It is the American airlines 787-9

can you take me off the bradly flight i forgot i was in this event when i signed up yesterday