17DEC22 | Huge Andrews AFB Airshow!

Credit: jba.af.mil

Event Background

Andrews AFB is one of the main air force bases in the USA, and a gateway to Washington D.C for different governments around the world. Every year in the Andrews AFB Airshow is a blast, and I think we should do the same in IF.

Event Organization MUST READ

  • In order for this event to be organized and systematic, everybody must follow the flight plan below which is a basic circle around the airport. When it is your time to come and for a flyby/demo please enter a right downwind for the runway and then follow the flight plan.
    IF-Flightplan-Tools-Editor (1)

AndrewAFB-AirshowDMEArc.fpl (29.2 KB)
To download this flight plan, click on the file above on your mobile device and select “Save to Files”. Once in Infinite Flight, import the FPL file by going to the waypoints tab and clicking the opposite pointing arrows, and it should display in your simulator after selecting the file.


There will be 3 types of signups allowed
Red= Performers

  • Top Right Hand Side: Kc-10s/C-17s
  • Bottom Left Side: Everybody Else
    Blue= Static Aircraft
    Green= Spectators

Important Please Read

  • Airliners like C-40s, VC-25s and C-32s will only be doing flybys
  • On the other hand, demo teams like C-130s, F-22s, C-17s and Kc-10s will be allowed to do full demos.

If you would like to sign up please let me know which aircraft type, if you are a solo or a team formation with somebody else, and how long your demo should take. Also, please refer to the table below for parking assignments. Finally please make sure you will be adhering to your time slot, not just trolling during the airshow

Attendee Aircraft Parking Spot Performer/Static/Spectator Demo Type Airshow Order
@Zigler_AviationYT USAF C-32 West Apron 05 B Performer Flyby 2nd
@Shafran Vc-25 AF1 West Apron 05 A Performer Flyby 1st
@flyin_hawaiian USAF C-40 Clipper West Apron 05 C Performer Flyby 3rd
@Ken_wei F/A-18 West Apron 06 A Performer Full Demo (23-25min) 4th
@InfiniteFlightNewark Spitfire Performer Full Demo (15min {MAX}) 5th
@Colderco USAF Kc-10 West Apron 04 4A Performer Full Demo 6th
@AIDAN101 Firefighting Dc-10 West Apron 04 4 B Performer Full Demo 7th
@ZaneDavis C-130J West Apron 04 4 C Performer Full Demo (30min)
@AirCanada11 C-130J West Apron 04 4 D Performer Full Demo (20min MAX)
@Butter575 F-22 West Apron 06 C Performer Full Demo (5min MAX)
@ybtl.aviation 787 Performer Full Demo (5min MAX)
@SunDown Swiss Air Force F/A-18 West Apron 06 B Performer Full Demo
@Dr3ambigg3r F-16 West Apron 14 D Static Aircraft N/A
@Wonderousbuilder641 Spectator N/A
@Artemiypilot A220-300 West Apron 07 A Performer Full Demo 10Min
@James_Howard F-22 West Apron 06 D Performer Full Demo 10Min
@Reece_Rucker Piper Cub Performer Full Demo 20min
@Virtualecrhinodemo F/A-18 West Apron 06 E Performer 30mins
@phoenix74 KC-10 Static Aircraft

Event Order

There will be an order for this event. See the table below for a time slot.

Time Slot:
Attendee Demo Time Slot
@Zigler_AviationYT @Shafran @flyin_hawaiian Opening Flybys 1900Z - 1920Z
@Ken_wei F/A-18 Demo 1920Z-1945Z
@InfiniteFlightNewark Spitfire 1945Z-2000Z
@Colderco KC-10 Demo 2000Z-2010Z
@AIDAN101 KC-10 ‘Fire’ Demo 2010Z-2020Z
@AirCanada11 CC-130J Demo 2020Z-2040Z
@ZaneDavis C-130J 2040Z-2110Z
@Butter575 F-22 2110Z-2115Z
@ybtl.aviation 787 2115Z-2120Z
@SunDown F/A-18 2120Z-2135Z
@Artemiypilot A220-300 2135-2145Z
@James_Howard F-22 2145-2155Z
@Reece_Rucker X-Cub 2155Z-2215Z
@Virtualecrhinodemo 2215Z-2245Z

Standby List:
Attendee Aircraft

Date and Time

Server: Casual

Performance Ideas

  • VC-25 AF1
  • C-32 AF2 (I’ll be the only one flying the C-32)
  • F/A-18 Blue Angels
  • F-16 Thunderbirds (We don’t have a Thunderbirds Livery though)
  • 747-SCA Demo
  • 747-SOFIA Demo
  • C-17 Demo
  • C-172 Civil Air Patrol Demo
  • A-10 Demo
  • F-14 Demo
  • USAF C-130 Demo
    Hurricane Hunters
    US Coast Guard
  • F-22 Demo
  • Kc-10 Demo
  • Any Civil Aircraft Demo for any airline(EX. A350 or 787)

If anybody has any other ideas that they would like to do for the airshow, please let me know!


  • There will be both solo and team demonstrations
  • Solo Demonstrations will have a maximum of 20mins and Team Demonstrations will have a maximum of 30mins.


  • Performers will take off and then fly a wide circle around the airport until it is time for them to perform.

Event Details


Server: Casual
Location: KADW - Andrews Air Force Base
Aircraft: Any
Livery: Any
NOTAMS: If proper etiquette is shown, and the flight plan is flown correctly, you will not crash and no violations will be issued.
I am not responsible for any violations received during the event.


Now open for signups

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I know some demo including blue angels will do their demo from takeoff and the blue angels can also last about 40 minutes to an hour depending on the maneuver routine they’re performing due to weather so they might perform a flat, low or high show. You should keep that in mind and also a typical airshow last more than an hour.

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I’ll change that!

Changed. The event is now 3hrs long. Let’s get some signups!

Is anybody part of IFATC willing to be ATC for the airshow?

Hey, I would like to do a KC-10 demo as “DECEE71”. (Wish there was a KC-135 in game but oh well haha)

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Hello there!

It’s still awhile out to confirm I can actually do this, but I’d like to do a 10-Tanker DC-10 demo (not the tanker as in military, but the fire fighting one)

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If it was on Sunday i can make it, please @ me if any date changes to a weekend happen!


@Colderco @AIDAN101 @flyin_hawaiian I am changing the event to a Saturday. I’ll mark you all down but please tell me if the new date doesn’t work for you!


Well I don’t know if it does or doesn’t yet, it’s a bit far out but I want to get in there

Considering it’s Saturday, and I don’t think me and my family are traveling around that time, so I give it a solid chance

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Itll work!! Thanks!! I will sign up for a performance of a C-40 Clipper! AF2 or 3 idek.

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The CF-18 is in the house guys RCAF!!!

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@flyin_hawaiian and @Colderco added!


As A preformer

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@AirCanada11 @AIDAN101 you’ve been added. I’ll secure all your parking spots later!

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Let’s get some more signups!

Sign me up coach… spectator

You’ve been added @Dr3ambigg3r !

Let’s get some more signups!