17DEC22 | Hopefully Huge Andrews AFB Airshow!

Evening from UK.

v206 Test & Evaluation Sqn RAF, would like to apply for a international performer slot, for our C-130J C5 “Kraken Tactical Display”

Kind Regards

Pete Harrison
OC 206

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I would love for you to participate in the airshow! I have a few questions though:

  • Is this a solo or team demo
  • How many aircraft are in the demo
  • How long will the C-130 demo take

I look forward to your response so I can add you to the event!

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I will take F22.

Will you be performing solo or team?

Well see about others but for now solo.
Ill do a cobra above everyone xD

I’ll mark you down. Please be aware that all of the performances are separate from one another except group performances. If you are doing a solo demonstration, you will be the only one flying at the time.

Oh no. Ill take Vc-25 with callsign SAM 28000
I thought its busy

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I’ve got a quick question:

If I sign up as a performer, how will I know when it is my turn to perform? Will there be a certain order?


this looks like a great event, but please follow the event guidelines. please do not post an event until it is 2 months away from the event date. i will link the guidelines here: About The Events Category. thanks!


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Yes, once we get closer there will be an order.

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@the_ding Thank you. I’ll take this topic offline right now, and when it becomes 2 months before the airshow is scheduled, I’ll repost the topic.

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Can someone close this topic, and the re-open it on October 17th?

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Contact @moderators

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Hi, 1x C-130J C5, solo routine 10-15mins


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This looks like a fantastic and well organised event. Unfortunately however, events can only be posted within 60 days of the scheduled event date as per the #live:events category rules:

Wishing you the best of luck with this event when the time comes.

Have a great day!