17DEC20 / 2100Z - Flash Flight: Keep Climbing @ KMCO

Yes, it is allowed, especially during FFs like these to make things more efficient.


Good lord.


Lawd have mercy!

Been in the pattern at ATL for an hour haha



This is perfectly fine to do, hope you had a nice flight into KATL!


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Was mid flight as the flash flight kicked in… Really enjoyed it!

Was glad to be ahead of the queue though 😂


Amazing work to every single controller who worked this Flash Flight Today!

@Kyle @Kevinsoto1502 @Rob_M @Ethan_Hansen @DiamondGaming4 @ZinZowe @USA_ATC @Antoine_Turrian @Sami_Fajita_Air @MrJackT14 @PlaneGeek @IF787 @alberto_lopez @Enrique_Fernandez @DannyHL @Neto_Campelo @Tajay @Kamryn @Andy_R @NL-Maxis @United2 @Beniamino @ArsenyKryuchkov @Andrew_Swift @CaptainJam @MJL_Productions @Raze @Capt_Evan @Chitown @Trio

Even with the overwhelming attendance to this flight flight (surpassing 170 pilots), these controllers did an amazing job showing the upmost professionalism while moving traffic quickly and smoothly throughout the event!

To join this amazing team of controllers… Apply through the website linked in the thread below -

Huge Shoutout as well to @MishaCamp for putting together another fabulous Flash Flight Event!

Continue to stay safe during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak! Happy Holidays! ❄️❤️


The 3 + hrs of controlling has been really shows how well mapped KATL is and how awesome IF is! Thanks to all the pilots for listening and for the few others, it was a learning experience!



Of course my WiFi croaked right at peak time😓, but also a big thanks to all the pilots who came and made this huge flight as smooth as it could be!


Thanks! Differently my busiest session and found a lot to learn. Thanks to @Enrique_Fernandez who worked side by side with me. He truly did a great job and helped me out a ton. Teamwork makes a dream work. Great job IF team and nice job @Balloonchaser for finding everyone who controlled!


Very nice job IFATC staff who worked MCO and ATL and centers. A lot of traffic/waiting and going on and off course with altitude changes and turns but overall smooth and organized :)

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Thanks so much @Balloonchaser!

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Looks like I missed a great one. I just finished about a half hour ago and ATC are still there. Lots of people still flying into ATL. I want to join ATC, but can never seem to get into a descent airport to train on the training server. My skills as a trucking dispatcher will no doubt give me an edge. I will keep trying.

Feel free to create a ATC tracking thread on the forum. You’ll likely be able to find better pilots here :)


Never received that amount of pushback’s request at the same time as IFATC since yesterday FF 😂🤯

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Oh boy! Center was rough for sure, but oh so fun! (up until my app crashed xD)

I’ll try to make this flight !

The event was yesterday

Oops, didn’t realise