17AUG24 - Ibiza Flyout

Hello everyone! On August 17, 2024 I’ll be hosting a flyout at Ibiza Airport on the island of Ibiza in Spain! Ibiza is known to be a very popular holiday destination for many people across Europe with many flights to places like the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands for these people to come and enjoy the sea and sunshine in this paradise. Hope to see you at this event!


  1. I am not responsible for any violations you may receive if you attend.
  2. Arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to the start of event
  3. If ATC is present, try and follow all their instructions given to you
  4. Use Unicom if ATC does not show up
  5. This will be on Expert Server so fly as professionally as possible
  6. Have fun!


Server: Expert Server
Airport: Ibiza Airport (LEIB/IBZ)
Time: 2024-08-17T18:00:00Z
Sponsors: No current sponsors. If you would like to sponsor this event. Please DM me!

ATC Services

If possible, I would love to get some people to work ATC. If not, pilots will use Unicom.


Main Terminal
Gate Aircraft/Airline Pilot D Destination
Gate 23 SAS (B738) - Oslo
Gate 24 Swiss (A223) - Zurich
Gate 25 TAP Air Portugal (A321) - Lisbon
Gate 26 TUI (B752) @CubanTwins London LGW
Gate 27 TUI (B738) @Takunda East Midlands
Gate 28 TUIfly Deutschland (B738) - Düsseldorf
Gate 29 Vueling (A320) @Apple_Haye Lisbon
Remote Stand
Gate Aircraft/Airline Pilot D Destination
Remote Stand 07 Air Europa (B738) - Madrid
Remote Stand 08 Air France Hop (E190) - Paris CDG
Remote Stand 09 Austrian Airlines (A321) - Vienna
Remote Stand 10 British Airways (E190) - London LCY
Remote Stand 11 British Airways (A320) - London LHR
Remote Stand 12 Brussels Airlines (A319) - Brussels
Remote Stand 13 Condor (A321) - Frankfurt
Remote Stand 14 easyJet (A319) - Geneva
Remote Stand 15 easyJet (A320) @United403 London LTN
Remote Stand 16 easyJet (A320) @Prestoni London LTN
Remote Stand 17 Edelweiss Air (A320) - Zurich
Remote Stand 18 Eurowings (A319) - Berlin
Remote Stand 19A Iberia (CRJX) - Alicante
Remote Stand 19B Iberia (CRJX) - Palma de Mallorca
Remote Stand 20A Jet2 (B752) @Mort Manchester
Remote Stand 20B Jet2 (B738) @Elijah2 Edinburgh
Remote Stand 21 Luxair (B737) - Luxembourg
Remote Stand 22 KLM (B738) - Amsterdam
Remote Stand 30 Lufthansa (A321) @Oklahoma1 Munich
Remote Stand 31 Ryanair (B738) - Dublin
Remote Stand 32 Ryanair (B738) - Newcastle
Remote Stand 33 Ryanair (B738) - Rome FCO
General Aviation Gates

More gates will be added if needed.

Gate Aircraft/Airline Pilot Destination
- - (-) - -
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This but stocking… I… I mean following @Prestoni to London Luton

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Can I take this?

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Actually can I take this route switch it to a 320 and go to lisbon

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Remote Stand 20B Jet2 (B738) - Edinburgh I will take that one please

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