17AUG20 / 2100Z - A Hop to Hobby! @ KDFW - KHOU

A Hop to Hobby!

Our destination, Houston, Is home to Galveston Beach and the NASA Space Center! It is a metropolis located in Southern Texas that can be reached by DFW, the busiest airport in the world, by an American Eagle. This route is a short hop and offers a chance to explore both cities in one route!

  • Aircraft and Livery ✈️: C/MRJ-900, American Eagle

  • Route πŸ—Ί: πŸ›« Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW) - πŸ›¬ Houston (KHOU)

  • Times ⏰: Take-off: 2020-08-17T21:00:00Z β†’ Landing: 2020-08-17T21:45:00Z

  • Server πŸ—„: Expert server

  • Additional Information:

Altitude : FL290 (29,000ft)
Speed: 250/320/.77


  • I won’t be responsible for any violations
  • please respect Unicom
  • I will be doing both KDFW-KHOU and KHOU-KDFW, you can decide if you want to do both too.
  • Have fun!

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