17APR21 / 2000Z - The Show Me State Flyout @ KSTL (DEPARTED)

Hello, and welcome to The Show-Me State Flyout!

Welcome to the page of the Show-Me State Flyout! If you like flying short, domestic routes under 3 hours, then this flyout is for you! I hope you will enjoy the event, and have fun! Read down below for the main details of the event.

Welcome to St. Louis Lambert International Airport! (IATA: STL, ICAO: KSTL) Formerly known as "Lambert-St. Louis International Airport" is the busiest and largest airport in the State of Missouri. The airport was named after "Albert Bond Lambert", a St. Louis Aviator and an Olympic medalist. The airport served over 15.9 million passengers, and unfortunately went down due to the pandemic and served 6,302,402 passengers in 2020. The airport is not as busy as it used to be in the 1950s-2000s during the TWA era, as bigger and better airports have taken the spotlight from KSTL.

St. Louis Lambert International is also a Boeing Manufacturer location, and the new Boeing jet, the F15EX was tested at this location.

Ever since TWA was bought by American Airlines, the airport has only been a hub for Air Choice One, and Cape Air, both being small propellor airlines that serve smaller destinations, mainly in or near state.

St. Louis serves over 100 destinations in and out of the airport, and 4 of those destinations are international. The airport serves 12 airlines and is mainly used for domestic flights, not an international hub. The airport serves 4 cargo airlines as well, these are Amazon Air, UPS, FedEx Express, and DHL.

Southwest as of 2020, is the busiest airline in St. Louis, serving 4,291,000 passengers from December 2019 to November 2020, serving 55 nonstop destinations out of St. Louis.

Fun Fact: KSTL’s Terminal 1 was struck by an EF4 Tornado on April 22nd, 2011. The tornado caused multiple aircraft to be damaged and closed the airport the next morning. Concourse C was closed down for a whole year for repairs and opened on April 2nd, 2012.

More About KSTL

When: 2021-04-17T20:00:00Z
Server: Expert Server
Airport: KSTL
IFATC will be present. Please follow all instructions that are given to you. I will not be responsible for violations given to you at the event.
Ground and Tower Frequency: @Smile760981
Approach and Departure Frequency: @United2

Airport Diagram

The Aircraft Types shown below are only recommended. They are not required.

Concourse A
Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Pilot
A02 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KLGA - La Guardia
A03 Delta Airlines A319-100 KSLC - Salt Lake City
A04 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul @travelingcornstalk
A06 Delta Connection CRJ-900 KDTW - Detroit Metro
A08 Delta Airlines A321-200 KATL - Atlanta Hartsfield
A10 Delta Airlines A319-100 KATL - Atlanta Hartsfield
A14 United Airlines 737-800 KSFO - San Fransisco
A16 United Express CRJ-700 KORD - Chicago O’ Hare @Dylan.Winklosky
A17 Air Canada A321-200 CYYZ - Toronto Pearson
A18 United Airlines A320-200 KIAH - George Bush Intercontinental Airport @zion89
A19 United Airlines A320-200 KIAD - Dulles International Airport
A21 United Airlines 737-900 KEWR - Newark Liberty @DeltaFox
Concourse C
Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Pilot
C01 Air Choice One (Generic Livery) 208 Caravan KMKL - Jackson, Tenessee
C03 Air Choice One (Generic Livery) 208 Caravan KFOD - Fort Dodge, Iowa
C05 Cape Air (Generic Livery) 208 Caravan KIRK - Kirksville, Missouri
C06 American Airlines A319-100 KORD - Chicago O’ Hare
C07 Cape Air (Generic Livery) 208 Caravan KOWB - Owensboro, Kentucky
C08 American Airlines 737-800 KDFW - Dallas Fort Worth @Captin_will
C10 American Airlines A320-200 KPHX - Phoenix Sky Harbor
C12 American Airlines A321-200 KLAX - Los Angeles
C15 Alaska Airlines 737-900 KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma @Lachlanavitor
C16 American Airlines 737-800 KMIA - Miami
C18 American Eagle CRJ-900 KCLT - Charlotte Douglas
C19 Frontier Airlines A320-200 KMCO - Orlando
C23 Frontier Airlines A320-200 KDEN - Denver @Butter_Boi
C24 American Airlines 737-800 MMUN - Cancun, Mexico
C27 Contour Airlines (Generic Livery) CRJ-200 KTBN - Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri @nativetoalaska
C28 Sun Country Airlines (Generic Livery) 737-800 KMSP - Minneapolis @Da-la_nay
Concourse E (4 GATES LEFT)
Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Pilot
E04 Southwest Airlines 737-700 KDAL - Dallas Love Field @ORD777flyer
E06 Southwest Airlines 737-800 KMCO - Orlando
E08 Southwest Airlines 737-800 KAUS - Austin-Bergstrom
E10 Southwest Airlines 737-700 KMDW - Chicago Midway @Captain_T_Malone
E12 Southwest Airlines 737-700 KHOU - William P. Hobby Airport @SWA1997
E14 Southwest Airlines 737-800 MMUN - Cancun, Mexico @Avianca05
E16 Southwest Airlines 737-800 KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma @Elias_Solberg1
E18 Southwest Airlines 737-800 KBOS - Boston-Logan @Gtmkm98
E20 Southwest Airlines 737-700 KMCI - Kansas City
E22 Southwest Airlines 737-700 KTPA - Tampa @Jukker
E24 Southwest Airlines 737-700 KDSM - Des Moines, Iowa @Colderco
E31 Southwest Airlines 737-800 KLAS - McCarran International
E33 Southwest Airlines 737-800 KLAX - Los Angeles @N489DN
E34 Southwest Airlines 737-700 KBWI - Baltimore-Washington @Lachlanavitor
E36 Southwest Airlines 737-800 KSAT - San Antonio @nyim_glenn
E38 Southwest Airlines 737-700 KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul @airplaneboi
E40 Southwest Airlines 737-800 KBNA - Nashville, Tenessee @kalebcolumbia
Gate Airline and Aircraft Destination Pilot
FedEx Cargo Apron 1 FedEx 777F KIND - Indianapolis @zand3r
FedEx Cargo Apron 2 FedEx 777F KMEM - Memphis @Mo_Alz
FedEx Cargo Apron 3 FedEx 777F KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul @nbiler
UPS Cargo Apron 1 UPS A330F KBOI - Boise
UPS Cargo Apron 2 UPS A330F KRFD - Chicago Rockford
UPS Cargo Apron 3 UPS A330F KSDF - Louisville

If IFATC is present, you will be required to listen and to follow every instruction that they give you. I will not be responsible for violations or reports you may receive.
If IFATC is not present, please be aware of your surroundings when on the ground or in the air. Use unicom to announce what you will be doing.
Use Simbrief, FPLtoIF or other flight plan generators to generate your flight plan. SIDs and STARs must be used to have a smooth way in and out of airports.
Maintain a 1000ft and 5nm separation from the plane behind you or ahead of you.
Most importantly, be sure to have fun!


About NAPC

I hope you will enjoy the event I organized! Leave feedback for me if you wish, and have fun!

Update: The zulu time may change due to Daylight Savings Time, but I will try to keep it at 2021-04-17T20:00:00Z


|E33|Southwest Airlines 737-800|KLAX - Los Angeles
I’ll take this gate please.

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@N489DN You have been signed up onboard Southwest Airlines en route to Los Angeles! Thanks for participating in the event!


No problem, see you there!

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I would like this one pls
I am moving here in April


Can I have this gate


I’ll take this one as I used to live in Waynesville (the town next to Fort Leonard Wood) for around 7 years, neat event!


Let me get this one!

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@nativetoalaska You have been signed up onboard Contour Airlines en route to Fort Leonard Wood! Welcome, and I hope you will enjoy the event!

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@Nightt @zion89 @SWA1997
You have been signed up onboard Southwest Airlines en route to Las Vegas, San Antonio, and Houston! I hope you guys enjoy the event!


ill take this gate.

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You have been signed up onboard United Airlines en route to Newark, New Jersey! Thanks for participating, I hope you will enjoy the event!


I will take this one please (I am not grade 3 but I am pretty close). If you send a reminder a little closer to the event I will tell you if I am grade 3. I am currently at 34,000.

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Hi I‘d like to do E22 to Tampa

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@nbiler I have reserved your gate for KMSP, let me know a week before the event if you have reached grade 3. I hope you can make it!

@Jukker You have been signed up onboard Southwest en route to Tampa Bay! I hope you enjoy the event, and thanks for participating!


Hey can I take gate C06 to Chicago O Hare?
This might be a bad idea but can I fly that in a 757-200 American ?

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Sorry I meant american

I dont mind if you fly the 757, as long as it can fit the gate. I only put in recommended aircraft from Flightaware

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Yes I literally checked before I requested a gate
KSTL can handle some of those bigger aircraft

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