17APR21 / 2000Z - FedEx Virtual Presents ~ Celebrating 47 Years of FedEx Express! @ KMEM

FedEx Ramp 253 , FedEx 906VA, KMEM-CYYZ

Hello again!

Could I please change my destination to KSEA in the same aircraft?

Thanks for understanding!

I would like this one pls


You got it! Glad you can come along!

This is going to be amazing

43 already

can we get to 50

maybe we will. Still have some time before the event

We are so happy to have our very own IFATC guys controlling this event for us!

IFATC Award (1)


FedEx Ramp 255 OPEN
Can I have this gate , MEM-DUB , B77F , FedEx 667VA ?

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yep @FedExVirtual will do that soon

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yeo thank you @ELDEN_PLATENBERG

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im doing my job

good to know ur doing ur job

if i was not well…

I’ll take Ramp 260 FedEx 6015 on an MD-11 to Anchorage please.

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thanks!!! @FedExVirtual will do that soon

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Your in, got you on the list.

Your set up on the list.

6 days until the event

Can I get this changed to KAFW pls

Thanks twisted