17APR21 / 2000Z - FedEx Virtual Presents ~ Celebrating 47 Years of FedEx Express! @ KMEM

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Welcome To The FedEx Express Birthday Event!

Celebrating 47 Years of FedEx Express | Brought To You By FedEx Virtual


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Memphis International Airport

Memphis International is home to the FedEx Express global hub, often referred to as the FedEx Superhub or simply the Superhub. The airport is responsible for processing many of the company’s packages. and serves a host of non-stop FedEx destinations. Including cities across the continental United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

From 1993 to 2009, Memphis had the largest cargo operations of any airport worldwide. KMEM dropped to the second position in 2010, just behind Hong Kong; however, it remains the busiest cargo airport in the United States and in the Western Hemisphere.

FedEx Express - The World On Time

FedEx Corporation is an American multinational delivery services company headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The name “FedEx” is an abbreviation of the company’s original air division, Federal Express, which was used from 1973 until 2000.

FedEx is currently the largest cargo operator on the globe, carrying a total of 17,499 million ton-kilograms in 2018. They also lay claim to one of the largest fleets in the world and the largest of any cargo carrier.

Event Specifics

Server: Expert

ATC: IFATC Controlled Fly-out (KMEM)

Departure Airport: KMEM - Memphis International Airport

Date & Time: 2021-04-17T19:00:00Z

NOTAMS: We would like to request that pilots spawn at least 10 minutes before the posted event time to help ensure a timely pushback and departure. The flyout is open to everyone and the destinations above are available to all attendees regardless of the gate. You choose where you fly. But most importantly, have fun!

Below you will find all relevant charts and airport diagrams for use during the event

KMEM - Memphis International Airport Area Diagram & Gate Options

FedEx utilizes the entirety of the North Ramp at Memphis (Shown in Orange)
Further gate options are available on the Eastern Annex (Shown in Purple)

All gate information is posted below

Below you will be able to view all available and occupied departure gates for the event. If you wish to attend please reply to this thread with your choice of gate, aircraft, and a destination (if you have one in mind) and it will be added to the thread.

FedEx Ramp (100 - 250)

Gate Information

Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
FedEx Ramp 100 @JMilam MD-11F KMIA
FedEx Ramp 101 @Flyi2128 B77F YSSY
FedEx Ramp 110 @SWA1997 B77F KBWI
FedEx Ramp 111 @Captain_Piotr MD-11F KOAK
FedEx Ramp 112 @JerseyAnt B77F YSSY
FedEx Ramp 113 @Lucasaviation B77F PANC
FedEx Ramp 120 @highclouds B77F KMIA
FedEx Ramp 121 @chazdawg8819 B77F PHNL
FedEx Ramp 123 @zion89 B77F KBWI
FedEx Ramp 124 @Dubya B77F OMDB
FedEx Ramp 125 @KaramSodhi B77F OMDB
FedEx Ramp 130 @Ricardo_Trapuzzano MD-11F MMGL
FedEx Ramp 131 @Ouzy B77F LTBA
FedEx Ramp 132 @MainSky B77F UUEE
FedEx Ramp 133 @Tyduz B77F KMIA
FedEx Ramp 134 @Alilapa B77F CYVR
FedEx Ramp 135 @PilotYash B77F KEWR
FedEx Ramp 200 @NathanPreuss MD-11F CYYZ
FedEx Ramp 201 @Samah_Badran1 B77F KSLC
FedEx Ramp 202 @akselyucel B77F YSSY
FedEx Ramp 203 @alikalbk B77F YSSY
FedEx Ramp 204 @Mick0 B77F EDDF
FedEx Ramp 205 @AIDAN101 DC-10F KPDX
FedEx Ramp 206 @nyim_glenn B77F KLAX
FedEx Ramp 207 @Antoniobig25 B77F KLAS
FedEx Ramp 208 @Nathan_Cox MD-11F KSFO
FedEx Ramp 209 @PappaHotel B77F VHHH
FedEx Ramp 210 @WRL_Kubica B77F YSSY
FedEx Ramp 211 @JHearnden_Jgun47 MD-11F KEWR
FedEx Ramp 250 @RossiHB MD-11F TBC
FedEx Ramp (251 - 359)

Gate Information

Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
FedEx Ramp 251 @Smile760981 B77F KSTL
FedEx Ramp 252 @Deakin_pope B77F KDEN
FedEx Ramp 253 FedEx 906VA DC-10F CYYZ
FedEx Ramp 254 Twisted B77F KAFW
FedEx Ramp 255 @AryaTheLivingMeme 77F EIDW
FedEx Ramp 256 @Kareem2o 77F CYYZ
FedEx Ramp 257 @True_Gamer_Moment MD-11F TJSJ
FedEx Ramp 258 @Joshy MD-11F KMIA
FedEx Ramp 259 @Helzluis MD-11F EDDK
FedEx Ramp 260 @Blue_Diamond196 MD-11F PANC
FedEx Ramp 261 @apricotwarrior B77F KMIA
FedEx Ramp 262 @CaptainOveur MD-11F KPHX
FedEx Ramp 350 @crj_lover1 C208B KCHA
FedEx Ramp 351 @QatarAirwaysVirtual
FedEx Ramp 352 @QatarAirwaysVirtual
FedEx Ramp 353 @QatarAirwaysVirtual
FedEx Ramp 354 @QatarAirwaysVirtual
FedEx Ramp 355 @QatarAirwaysVirtual
FedEx Ramp 356 @QatarAirwaysVirtual
FedEx Ramp 357 @QatarAirwaysVirtual
FedEx Ramp 358 @QatarAirwaysVirtual
FedEx Ramp 359 @QatarAirwaysVirtual
FedEx Ramp (452-463)

Gate Information

Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
FedEx Ramp 452 @Luiz_Alexandre_Paiva MD-11F PANC
FedEx Ramp 453 @flyinggoosey
FedEx Ramp 454 @Angyau13 77F KLAX
FedEx Ramp 455 @HarryH1 77F EDDK
FedEx Ramp 456 OPEN
FedEx Ramp 457 @highclouds 77F KMIA
FedEx Ramp 458 OPEN
FedEx Ramp 459 @Mouse1_HEAVY 77F KPHX
UPS Ramp (01 - 04)

Gate Information

Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
UPS Ramp 01 @Skydriver900 MD-11F KMIA
UPS Ramp 02 @karl_iszler MD-11F KMIA
UPS Ramp 03 @Bobby_Burg MD-11F KMIA
UPS Ramp 04 @Kai_Gray MD-11F KMIA

Passenger Concourse

Gate Information

Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
Alpha Concourse A17 OPEN
Alpha Concourse A19 OPEN
Alpha Concourse A21 OPEN
Alpha Concourse A23 OPEN
Bravo Concourse B7 OPEN
Bravo Concourse B27 OPEN
Bravo Concourse B29 OPEN
Bravo Concourse B31 OPEN
Bravo Concourse B33 OPEN
Bravo Concourse B35 OPEN
Charlie Concourse C1 OPEN
Charlie Concourse C2 OPEN
Charlie Concourse C3 OPEN
Charlie Concourse C4 OPEN
Charlie Concourse C5 OPEN
Charlie Concourse C7 OPEN
Charlie Concourse C10 OPEN
Center Cargo (North & South)

Gate Information

Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
North Cargo Ramp 1 @Jesse0409 B77F OMDB
North Cargo Ramp 2 OPEN
North Cargo Ramp 3 OPEN
South Cargo Ramp 1 @Kbeemer B77F OKBK
South Cargo Ramp 2 OPEN
South Cargo Ramp 3 OPEN
South Cargo Ramp 4 OPEN
South Cargo Ramp 5 OPEN
South Cargo Ramp 6 @Half-Aviation 77F RJBB

Our event is hosted in partnership with: @UPSVirtual @QatarAirwaysVirtual @AirChinaVirtual

Thank you for taking interest in our event, we hope you can join us in celebrating FedEx and the cargo community within Infinite Flight. If you have any issues or queries please do not hesitate to reply to this thread or PM the FedEx Virtual IFC account, we will be more than happy to help. See you all soon!

FedEx Virtual Infiinite Flight Community

Alternatively, should you have any questions regarding FedEx Virtual or would like to get in touch with one of our staff members, feel free to use our Contact Us Form!

FedEx Express Virtual is a virtual airline exclusively for the Infinite Flight platform. We have no affiliation with FedEx Express or any subsidiary. All FedEx Express trademarks (including logos and icons) referenced or displayed on this site remain the property of FedEx Express.

FedEx Express Virtual is not responsible for any violations or reports that pilots receive from IFATC controllers or in-game function during the event. All pilots are expected to behave in a professional manner for the duration of the event. Pilots who are in breach of any expert server terms will face removal from the event.

See you all in the virtual skies very soon!

FedEx Express Virtual


I would like this one pls
I am FedEx 58VA


Mark UPSV 2 down for Gate 2 in the UPS cargo section to KMIA. Should be a great time!


I would like a UPS gate. UPSV 3VA, MD11F Destination MIA


Mark UPS 1VA down please. UPS gate 1 headed to KMIA


Mark UPSV 5 down for Gate 4 in the UPS cargo section. This will be a wonderful flight heading towards KMIA


Gate 3 please for UPSV 3VA


Great Event…
Me is FedEx 10VA - flying MD11F.
I want to get Main FedEx Apron 250 pls.
Destination tbd.


Hi can I have a B77F FedEx Gate. Call sign: FedEx 20VA. Dest: KLAX


FedEx 262 stand, MD11, Flying to KPHX


FedEx 1VA requesting a MD11F ramp for departure to KMIA please.


Can I please have FedEx ramp 257 I’m FedEx 341VA


I’ll take FedEx 200 in the MD-11F to CYYZ

FedEx 9VA (am now 8VA


can I get a gate? any will work. QRV004 77F please to dubai!


All above requests have been added and pilots invited to our PM!

See you all soon!


This one please to YSSY in the 777F. Amazing event as well. Looking forward to it.

Fedex 3VA


This to OMDB?


FedEx 6VA - FedEx Ramp 101 - B77F - YSSY
Can’t wait!


I’ll take FedEx Ramp 120.
I’ll be FedEx 530 from KMEM-KMIA.


Hey quick question do you have an idea on which aircraft you will be using