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Hey guys so i need help but is there any one when they take off and i am doing the things you must do for a cross wind take off but does any one still side off the runway i need help taking off the 172

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Hey @TK_ARMY_NZ taking off the 172 can be difficult, but it really depends on the airport. Apply steady rudder input until rotation, and then push rudder all the way so you can takeoff in a straight line. Hope this works 🙂

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Ok, so my advice is:

  • Try not to use the rudder as much as you can. This tends to make the aircraft turn after rotate. Make sure that when you do use it, you use it very smoothly.

  • Make sure you are flying into the wind, or what is known as a headwind. If you are taking off with a tailwind, the aircraft is gonna turn.

Hope this helps!


Can you do a list of what you do to avoid heading into the wind? Or even better, can you record your take-off?

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Thanks guys ill try all of this Thanks ill dm yous have it works appreciate it.

Is that what they do in Real life fly into the wind what if we can’t

A 172 has a maximum demonstrated crosswind component of 15 knots. This doesn’t mean it can’t handle more, just what Cessna suggests.


@TK_ARMY_NZ… MaxSez: “When will they ever learn”! The Rudder alone is incapable of correcting drift in a light GA cross and quartering wind during both takeoff and landing no matter what the Tutorials say. In IF 172, Cub’s and Spits Ailerons/Rudder coordination is a must.
“Coordination of the Rudder and Ailerons not the Rudder alone is the key!”
The Video sez it all for Aileron usage for both TakeOff & Landing. G’day, Max


I do think the C172 is buggy at take off. If you look at the engine % indicator, it doesnt go to 100% until you reach about 105ish knots or above, and is at 84-85% on take off with 100% power setting. It feels like you dont get full power. You can actually hear the higher pitch of the engine as the % hits 100% at around 110 knots - it makes me think the engine is underpowered on take off.

Perhaps related to the mixture control bug having no impact when at higher altitude, i.e. you can go to 100,000ft no problem (it does lower fuel consumption rate though).

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Agree with you, i have stalled multiple times on takeoff with the C172

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One reason for this is that it does not simulate power with the mixture. You can lean the engine which IRL will give a bit more power. In IF it only simulates fuel burn with mixture so that’s probably why


Martha king😄 they are Great teachers

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