172 T&G at OMDB

Decided to do a flight into OMDB in a 172 on expert today, Great job to the controllers, got me in and out perfectly. Here are some pictures.


Nice, kinda funny the size difference between the 777s and you. Great pics! 😃


Nice, you must’ve got in when it wasn’t too busy


Wow nice !!!

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I really like it 😄👍🏽

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Yeah, I think there was around 30 planes in the airspace so not to busy. Had a rough time getting into a 4t to e ter the left base due to timing and altitude but it all worked out.

You did get in at a pretty dead time :)
If it hadn’t been that slow you most likely wouldn’t have been able to get those cool shots over 30L.

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Hope you had a fun time, I was the departure that brought you over the airport when you headed south. :)

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Always warms my heart to see GA and airliners both being able to operate at a large airport. I also love finding fun things like this that aren’t always possible due to many changing variables but are within the rules.


I wish pattern at Dubai but ATIS always not allowed 😂

Yeah, had a little confusion there, but I hand flew the a e the entire flight so.

All good, just wanted to make sure someone didn’t take off straight into you which I why I made you come overhead. Great pictures BTW.

I new the 777 has just gone a d there would be spacing, plus I checked down and was cleared resume ksan navigation, but I understand.