172 mixture leaning question

im currently planning a trans-atlantic flight across from new york to wick,uk in the 172 and am wondering how exactly fuel leaning works in the 172. i plan on cruising at 10,000 FT and would like to know what i could lean the mixture to so i get the best fuel economy over a long distance.
it would also help to have a guide of leaning fuel for future flights.

Generally, you’ll want to lean the mixture passing 3,000 MSL and adjust accordingly until you get to cruise.

I lean for best RPM. To do this, lean the mixture until the RPM falls a bit and richen it back to max. This will give you the best fuel economy. You can also check out a 172 POH for additional guidance.


What Naro said, it’s quite straightforward but its a cool system to learn about so I’d recommend watching some YouTube videos or something. But as you climb, simply pull the mixture out slowly until the point where the engine RPMs start to decrease. When that happens, just put it back towards rich a tiny bit until the RPMs come back and that tells you you’re at the most efficient setting. Let me know if you’ve got any more questions, I’ve got about 1000 hours flying the 172 :)

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I’ve guess you’ve flown New York to Wick a few times then? 😁 . I think if I was doing that in real life the main luggage item would be an inflatable survival raft 😨…

Not a trip for the faint hearted or even mildly pessimistic person…

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Yeah definitely not, I’ve got about 0.5 hours in the IF C172 haha

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