1700-1800Z help

Hello, i search sometimes for an event and everyone use something like that (1700-1800Z). Im new on infinite flight and the community and i have no idea what it means.
Thanks for help
Greetings from Belgium :)


Zulu is a universal time zone used in aviation.
Try this website, it converts zulu time into your time.


Since you live in Belgium, you are during the Summer only 2 hours ahead of the Zulu.
So if it is 1700Z then in Belgium it is 19:00 local time, during the summer.

In the Winter it is only 1 hour difference for you, then if it is 1700Z, it is 18:00 in Belgium.

So in the Summer you are 2 hours ahead of the current Zulu Time, and in the Winter by only 1 hour :)


Thankyou for the good help, i have one other question, i really want to fly in group to destinations, and i looked to the live and event topics but i cant find something what is happening right now to join, do you know what the best way is to fly with other pilots??

I’ll add on to what @ItzEhs said, zulu corresponds to GMT+0. Therefore, to convert to zulu, you just have to add the difference between your time zone and GMT+0, so if you live in GMT+2, to convert from Zulu to your time zone, you would add two hours. Hope that helped ;)

Anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, I sort of got tangled up in that answer lol 😂

On IOS there is an App called “Pilot Time” that basically converts: as well.

If want to do group flights then Events are a great way to do it.
I recommend checking our the link below, where you’ll find pretty much every new event that is scheduled to take place very soon :)

Like many people have mentioned,go learn the conversions for Zulu (UTC)
Events should have the universal time feature for everyone’s convenience

Yeah they explained me a few minutes ago but when i search for an event that is right know, i cant find, its al for in the next weeks in august

It’s better to join a event for August than never ;)
There are some great events taking place in the next two weeks on Expert for all i know check em out. They (most of them) usually take place around 20:00 for you, that it 1800Z.

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The best way to do group flights, as @Captain_JR said are the events, but you could join also a Virtual Airline #live:va and organize with the pilots there.
Best of luck


you can simply search on google “zulu time” it will show you zulu time at present. compare it with you current time and use it as reference.
further to clarify many event may look like this.
201200Z Jun 18
it means june 2018 at first. the last two figures.
first two digit is the day of the month so its 20june2018
further 4 digit is the zulu time of the day.
so its 20june2018 at 12:00 zulu time

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