17 Years since the Concorde's deadliest crash

I know this is a few hours late, however you still need to remember the lives taken.

Air France 4590 took off from Paris not normally, it had struck a part of a DC-10 on the runway and resulted in a tank explosion. The plane failed to gain enough lift and then crashed into an airport hotel. 113 people including 4 on the ground were killed, making it the first and only crash of the Concorde. What I find really sad is that everyone was aware of the issue while the plane was still on the ground but it was forced to takeoff.

Those who want a bit more details can watch this amazing video.

Remember those killed and remember a great age of flight which has ended.


Wow… even though I wasn’t alive at the time to hear nor see it, I am still shocked at how such a well built piece of machinery could go so wrong

R.I.P to all who perished on that horrible day


Death Chamber strikes again!

Tragedy for the people, and the Concorde’s Legacy.


so why arent they flying still?? Only 1 tragedy for striking another flight… :(


They aren’t economic. So much fuel from supersonic flying


They were never made to be ecenomic. They were made to go fast. It’s just that not enough people had the money to go that fast. Still a tragedy. Condolences to family members of those on board.


Really sad for those 113 lives.

But one thing has to be said, and that is that aviation natural selection is happening. A plane that wasn’t making money that could fail under these circumstances doesn’t fly anymore. A plane that passengers like, makes money, is eco-friendly, makes less noise, is cheaper to fly and is more fuel efficient does survive.
It is all turning out best for the passenger.

Just saying’


RIP Concorde (and those who died in the crash 😔)

May your wings lift you to heaven…


I was only a few months old when this crash happened. The Concorde was and still is a marvel in aviation history. I can’t imagine what a flight on the Concorde would be like. Thinking of the families of the victims today.

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Also because BAW Was going great with it but since people didn’t like the AF Concorde BAW wanted to go down with them, There is more stuff im just adding to what everyone else said about that.


I never knew about this since I was not born yet but thank you for putting it out there. Like many crashes in aviation this happened due to one in a million odds. For those who died may your souls rest peacefully.

rest in peace to those on ground who were killed and those also on board. +


Bad timing. AirFrance 4590 happened to crash just over a year before 9/11. This meant by the time Concorde was ready for service again, 9/11 had recently happened and no one was willing to fly for some reason. The plane then failed due to not enough passengers being able to pay the huge fuel cost.


What makes me angry is that the piece that condemned the Concorde was a bad repair and did not respect the basic rules of safety!

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That piece of the DC-10 came from Continental’s I believe.

Although I was never alive to see a Concorde or the incident in person, may the victims of flight 4590 rest in peace.

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Yes, it was a Continental DC10 (ive seen concorde at CDG on display)

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