‘17 Landing at Memphis

These are a few shots of a Delta Boeing 717-200 flight I did today from Atlanta to Memphis. I’ve only taken pictures while landing at Memphis because that is where the interesting stuff happened. Definitely the best airport I have landed at for a while, strongly recommended, especially if it is busy!

Flight Information:

Flight Number: DL2674
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 1:28
Aircraft: B712

This was the best part of my flight, by far. Landing on runway 18L, passing 250ft over two 777’s. Not shown in this image, a Thai A340-600 took off on runway 27 right in front of me while I was just passing over airport grounds. Simply, amazing.

No ground effect on the 717 + crosswind = 500ft/m off centre landing. Not my best, and let’s not even mention the touchdown zone…

I waited at the gate for a while after landing, just to take a look at my flight path on Infinite Tracker. I then saw that another 717 flew in from from Atlanta. They nicely decided to park next to me at the terminal, and I grabbed this shot. Wish these aircraft would be in the world longer!


Beautiful photos, Delta is a beautiful airline, can’t say the same for the 717 in game


Nice photos.