[17 attending!] (GET YOUR GATES NOW!!) Tribute to my Cousin @ LIRF - 311530ZMAR19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot and Tailwinds Flying Club}


Ok I will keep you on the list unless you want to be removed


Or I will just take off with you guys but land somewhere else mabey if that’s fine with you


Ok that’s fine with me I’ll make an exception


Thank you,I just didn’t want to disappoint you


No worries thanks for coming


Get your gates now event is in a few weeks!!


Get your gates now event is in a few weeks!!


Get your gates now event is in 3 weeks!!


Get your gates Now!!!


Get your gates NOW


Event is in 2 and half weeks get your gates now!!!




I have just realized that my event conflicts with @BigBert10 event on March 30th

@Luke_Sta @FNC13 @ItsBlitz @Kevinsoto1502 @OtoeTiger88 @Matthew_20204 @zand3r @InfiniteNick
@15shawo @InfiniteAviation06 @samdog27 @Swiftlings_17 @Infi

  • Change the time but still will be on the same date
  • Move the date
  • Stay the same

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I dont know if I can make it because my event is later on that day! And my subscription ends on 2nd April…


Ok I will take that into consideration once everyone votes I’ll see which one won and then I’ll go from there


@OtoeTiger88 @Swiftlings_17 @Luke_Sta
Poll closes in 12 hours please cast your vote!


Sign up please terminal 2 gate 502


Alright I put you down what is your callsign and thanks for coming!


Callsign AFKLM048


Sorry for your loss 😥 I feel for you. Can I still have a gate? I could take any.