16oct21 / @ egnt[fail]

I’ll take EGNT to LGKR Jet2 please

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gate 2 if thats ok with you!

Hi can I have EGNT-EIDW Ryanair

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thanks for joining! Gate 04 has been assigned to you!

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Hi,may I have this flight please? Callsign will be Etihad002VA

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Thanks for coming! You have been assigned gate 6

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I will be taking Tui 738 to
lCLK gate 08

Hi, sorry for the late notice but I have checked and unfortunately U am working until 1pm tomorrow :/
I could depart as soon as I get home but I realise this will be quite a while after the event ends.
If needs be feel free to remove me from my gate, and apologies for not being able to attend.

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don’t worry hopefully see you in the next!

If everyone could spawn in 10 minutes before event starts that would be great!

ATC is going to be needed as the current person had to pull out! If anyone could come and do the ATC that would be greatly appreciated!

Just a reminder of your gates

Gate 1 @CompetitiveDivide320
Gate 2 @Thomas_Pollard
Gate 3 @4aviator
Gate 4 @Arnav_Ola
Gate 6 @Mayank_Pawar
Gate 7 @ob04
Gate 8 @Cityflyer
Gate 9 @harrison121

everyone depart in 10 minutes!

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