16OCT21 / 1800Z - The Icelandic Flyout @ BIKF

Welcome to the Icelandic Flyout!

Welcome to Keflavík! Located in the southwestern part of Iceland, this town contains the largest airport in the country. Iceland is well-known for its glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs, and all-around beautiful scenery. This event is sure to be great, especially with the newly-updated 3D Keflavík Airport!

About Keflavík Airport:

Keflavík Airport(IATA: KEF, ICAO: BIKF), also known as Reykjavík-Keflavík Airport, is the largest airport in Iceland and serves as the country’s main hub for international transportation. It is home to flag carrier Icelandair as well as new startup carrier PLAY. With a selection of various routes as well as some amazing scenery, this airport makes for a great place to host a flyout!
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Event Information:

Date & Time: 2021-10-16T18:00:00Z
Event Type: Flyout
Server: Expert
Airport: BIKF


BIKF Runway Diagram


Be aware of your surroundings at all times while on the ground and in the air
If IFATC is present, ensure to properly follow every instruction given; if IFATC is not present, make sure to respectfully use the Unicom frequency
Maintain a safe distance with the aircraft around you (minimum of 3nm and 1000ft below 10000ft)
Last but not least, HAVE FUN!


Frequency Controller
Ground @Haribo
Tower @Haribo
ATIS @Haribo
Departure -
Center -


Main Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
01 Icelandair 757-200 London-Heathrow (3D) EGLL @Dylan.Winklosky
02 United Airlines 757-200 Chicago-O’Hare KORD @Arnav_Ola
03 SAS A320 Copenhagen EKCH -
04 Icelandair 757-200 Washington-Dulles (3D) KIAD @Potato-Internet
05 EasyJet A320 London-Gatwick EGKK @999aviation
06 United 757-200 Newark KEWR @Aiden_Hodges
07 Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt (3D) EDDF @AviationAlex
08 EasyJet A320 Basel (3D) LFSB @AviationZyYT
09 Vueling A320 Madrid (3D) LEMD @HUMVEE
10 Icelandair 757-200 Boston (3D) KBOS @Nightt
11 LATAM A350-900 Santiago (3D) SCEL @MainSky
12 Delta Air Lines 757-200 New York-JFK (3D) KJFK @travelingcornstalk
14 Jet2 737-800 Manchester (3D) EGCC @Captainhawkrige

Cargo Stands
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
East Remote Apron 70 DHL 777F East Midlands EGNX -
East Remote Apron 71 TNT 777F Liège EBLG @Brucelee
East Remote Apron 72 Lufthansa Cargo 777F Munich (3D) EDDM -
East Remote Apron 73 Emirates SkyCargo 777F Milan LIMC @Goodboy1724
East Remote Apron 74 FedEx 777F Memphis KMEM -
East Remote Apron 75 FedEx 777F Indianapolis KIND -
East Remote Apron 76 UPS 777F Louisville KSDF -
East Remote Apron 77 UPS 777F Philadelphia KPHL -
East Remote Apron 78 Generic 777F Pilot Choice - -
East Remote Apron 79 Generic 777F Pilot Choice - -

[spoiler]If you would like to use a different aircraft or fly a route that isn’t listed here, feel free to suggest it below and I’d be happy to change the gate for you![/spoiler]

I hope you enjoy this event! If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them for me down below!


Hello! I want to fly this route !


| 08 | easyJet | Basel | @AviationZy


Yes this flight exists and I spotted one today in Basel :)

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You’re all signed up, thanks for joining! And thanks for letting me know about the easyJet flight! :D

Ill grab this one!

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You got it! Thanks for joining!

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Requesting this route:

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You’re all set, thanks for signing up!

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i’d like this one

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Of course! You’re all signed up, thanks for joining!

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Can I get this but to Gatwick please?

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Definitely! Thanks for joining!

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Can I get this route? :)

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Of course! You’re all set, thanks for joining!

Hi can I sign up for this one

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Definitely! You’re all set, thanks for signing up!

I mean could I fly to Basek with EZY instead to Rome? :D

If you’re okay ofc :)

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Oh yeah totally! I’ll switch you now!

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Let’s get some more signups!

I’ll ATC your event for you :)

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Thank you so much!

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