16OCT21 / 1500Z The Mega Boston Fly-out @KBOS

Introduction To The Event:

Hello everyone welcome to my 7th event on Infinite Flight, The Mega Boston Fly-Out! This time I will be hosting an event at Boston Logan International Airport (KBOS). Boston airport serves as Massachusetts largest and busiest airport seeing about 42 million passengers per year! BOS also sees a variety of international airlines while also serving as hubs for Delta and JetBlue. KBOS is now a 3D Airport in Infinite Flight making the event location more perfect! My goal for this event is to make it one of the most attended events Infinite Flight has seen, so please consider signing up!

Event Specifics:

Server: #expert

Time & Date: 2021-10-16T15:00:00Z

Event Type: Fly-Out

Photos of KBOS


International Routes

(All Delta and JetBlue international routes will be listed under the airlines list)

Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Reykjavik (3D) BIKF Icelandair 757-200 Gate E02 @MathAviation7 Icelandair 630
Dublin (3D) EIDW Aer Lingus A330-300 Gate E01 @Macmillan Shamrock 132
London (3D) EGLL British Airwas 787-10 Gate E03 @Lachlanavitor Speedbird 212
London (3D) EGLL Virgin Atlantic 787-9 Gate E04 @Captain_Dreamliner Virgin 12
London (3D) EGLL American Airlines 777-200 Gate E05 @Speedbird2276Heavy American 108
Amsterdam EHAM KLM A330-300 Gate E06 @JPs_Aviation KLM 618
Paris (3D) LFPG Air France 787-9 Gate E07 @AviationZyYT Air France 333
Madrid (3D) LEMD Iberia A330-300 Gate E08 @Ethan_Brown Iberia 6166
Lisbon LPPT TAP A330-900 (NEO) Gate E09 @Texan TAP 218
Zurich (3D) LSZH Swiss A330-300 Gate E10 @askrdl Swiss 53
Frankfurt (3D) EDDF Lufthansa A330-300 Gate C19 @H-Bob Lufthansa 423
Munich (3D) EDDM Lufthansa A350-900 Gate E12 @Arnav_Ola Lufthansa 425
Istanbul (3D) LFTM Turkish Airlines A330-300 Gate C17 @Mayank_Pawar Etihad 002VA
Doha OTHH Qatar Airways A350-900 Gate C18 @Ritesh321 Qatar 744
Dubai (3D) OMDB Emirates 777-300ER Gate E11 @Flyingshib Emirates 238
Panama City (3D) MPTO Copa 737-800 Gate C16 @ Copa 312
Montreal CYUL Air Canada CRJ-900 Gate B03 @AlaskaAirFan Air Canada 7621
Toronto City (3D) CYTZ Porter Dash 8 Q-400 Gate C15A @Dylan.Winklosky Porter 936
Toronto CYYZ Air Canada CRJ-900 Gate B02 @ Air Canada 7681
San Juan TJSJ Spirit A320-200 Gate B27 @ Spirit 121
Tokyo Narita RJAA Japan Airlines 787-9 Gate C20 @Jukker Japan 7
Seoul (3D) RKSI Korean Air 777-300ER Gate C21 @Arizona_Aviator Korean 92
Hong Kong VHHH Cathay Pacific A350-900 Earhart Stand @IF-CHILE Cathay 811

JetBlue Routes

(If you would like to fly a JetBlue route not shown on this list please reply with the flight you would like added)

Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Sint Marteen (3D) TNCM Jetblue A321-200 Gate C08 @Patrick_McCauley Jetblue 1877
Sint Marteen (3D) TNCM Jetblue A321-200 Stand 14M @ Jetblue 9811
Sint Marteen (3D) TNCM Jetblue A321-200 Stand 14F @Potato-Internet Jetblue 9812
San Juan TJSJ Jetblue A321-200 Gate C09 @2021Flight Jetblue 261
Cancun MMUN Jetblue A320-200 Gate C10 @ Jetblue 771
Nassau MYNN Jetblue A320-200 Gate C11 @ Jetblue 909
Orlando KMCO Jetblue A321-200 Gate C15 @ Jetblue 1451
Tampa KTPA Jetblue A320-200 Gate C14 @ Jetblue 891
Miami KMIA Jetblue A320-200 Gate C12 @ Jetblue 1519
Charleston KCHS Jetblue E190 Gate C26 @ Jetblue 267
Charlotte (3D) KCLT Jetblue E190 Gate C28 @Issa_Gaye Jetblue 1245
Washinton DCA (3D) KDCA Jetblue E190 Gate C36 @PolandBall_120 Jetblue 1055
New York JFK (3D) KJFK Jetblue E190 Gate C34 @ButterAllDay Jetblue 2017
Detroit KDTW Jetblue E190 Gate C32 @ Jetblue 1137
Chicago KORD Jetblue E190 Gate C30 @ Jetblue 2711
Atlanta KATL Jetblue E190 Gate C29 @ Jetblue 891
New Orleans KMSY Jetblue A320-200 Gate C31 @ Jetblue 401
Houston KIAH Jetblue A320-200 Gate C33 @ Jetblue 2033
Dallas Fort Worth KDFW Jetblue A320-200 Gate C27 @ Jetblue 515
Phoenix (3D) KPHX Jetblue A321-200 Gate C25 @Nightt Jetblue 1303
San Diego (3D) KSAN Jetblue A321-200 Gate C40 @Joseon Jetblue 19
Los Angeles (3D) KLAX Jetblue A321-200 Gate C41 @BeaNeilson29 Jetblue 1387
San Fransisco (3D) KSFO Jetblue A321-200 Gate C42 @Zaid_Martines Jetblue 133

Delta Routes

(If you would like to fly a Delta route not shown on this list please reply with the flight you would like added)

Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Amsterdam EHAM Delta A330-300 Gate A13 @CaptRana Delta 258
Rome LIRF Delta A330-900 (NEO) Gate A14A @Qatari777YT Delta 124
New York JFK (3D) KJFK Delta E170 Gate A11 @DimitriB Delta 5733
Philadelphia KPHL Delta E170 Gate A10 @ Delta 5787
Raleigh Durham KDRU Delta E170 Gate A09 @ Delta 5689
Atlanta KATL Delta A321-200 Gate A08 @plane_guy12 Delta 357
Fort Lauderdale KFLL Delta 737-800 Gate A07 @ Delta 1363
Cancun MMUN Delta 757-200 Gate A06 @Tharealjaay Delta 627
Nashville KBNA Delta A319-100 Gate A05 @ItsBlitz Delta 5597
Pittsburgh KPIT Delta E170 Gate A04 @ Delta 5685
Detroit KDTW Delta A321-200 Gate A03 @ Delta 919
Milwaukee KMKE Delta CRJ-900 Gate A02 @CMR Delta 5611
Minneapolis KMSP Delta A321-200 Gate A22 @ Delta 690
Kansas City KMCI Delta CRJ-900 Gate A01 @ Delta 5769
Salt Lake City KSLC Delta 757-200 Gate A20 @Ironman_Ballets Delta 670
Seattle KSEA Delta A330-300 Gate A16A @ Delta 318
Las Vegas (3D) KLAS Delta 737-900 Gate A17 @Half-Aviation Delta 695
Los Angeles (3D) KLAX Delta 757-200 Gate A15 @Aviatorwyatt Delta 312
Orlando KMCO Delta 737-900 Stand 14K @ Delta 1400
Cleveland KCLE Delta E170 Stand 14D @ Delta 5631
Reykjavik (3D) BIKF Delta 757-200 Stand 14B @DuncanNL Delta 266
Washington DCA (3D) KDCA Delta E170 Stand 14I @Apple_Haye Delta 5696

Domestic Routes
Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Seattle KSEA Alaska Airlines 737-900 Gate B38 @ Alaska 15
Portland KPDX Alaska Airlines 737-800 Gate B37 @ Alaska 33
San Diego (3D) KSAN Alaska Airlines 737-900 Gate B36 @ Alaska 1049
Indianapolis KIND Allegiant A320-200 Gate B35 @ Allegiant 1083
Sarasota KSRQ Allegiant A320-200 Gate B34 @ Allegiant 2530
New York (LGA) KLGA American Airlines A320-200 Gate B01 @ American 2130
Philadephia KPHL American Airlines A320-200 Gate B04 @ American 1165
Washington DCA (3D) KDCA American Airlines A320-200 Gate B06 @HUMVEE American 2118
Charlotte (3D) KCLT American Airlines A321-200 Gate B10 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114 American 1180
Miami KMIA American Airlines 777-200ER Gate B08X @Taz_Bandz American 1156
Chicago KORD American Airlines 737-800 Gate B12 @ American 1194
Dallas Fort Worth KDFW American Airlines 737-800 Gate B11 @ American 849
Phoenix (3D) KPHX American Airlines A320-200 Gate B09 @ American 1057
Los Angeles (3D) KLAX American Airlines A321-200 Gate B09 @Austinnatt American 1423
Orlando KMCO Frontier A320-200 Gate B33 @ Frontier 1239
Baltimore KBWI Southwest 737-800 Gate B32 @Jerome_J Southwest 2616
Orlando KMCO Southwest 737-700 Gate B31 @ Southwest 2910
St. Louis KSTL Southwest 737-800 Gate B30 @ Southwest 931
Chicago Midway KMDW Southwest 737-700 Gate B29 @ORD777flyer Southwest 1714
Denver (3D) KDEN Southwest 737-700 Gate B28 @Monkey_Pilots Southwest 3013
Fort Lauderdale KFLL Spirit A321-200 Gate B26 @ Spirit 609
Orlando KMCO Spirit A320-200 Gate B25 @ Spirit 246
Myrtle Beach KMYR Spirit A320-200 Gate B24 @ Spirit 1220
Newark KEWR Spirit A320-200 Gate B23 @ Spirit 1205
Las Vegas (3D) KLAS Spirit A321-200 Gate B22 @Infiniteflightpro062 Spirit 957
Newark KEWR United 737-900 Gate B21 @ United 495
Newark KEWR United 737-900 Gate B21 @ United 495
Washington IAD (3D) KIAD United 737-900 Gate B20 @cheesy001 United 1157
Chicago KORD United 737-900 Gate B19 @ United 228
Denver (3D) KDEN United 737-800 Gate B18 @ United 267
San Fransisco KSFO United 757-200 Gate B17 @ United 279
Los Angeles (3D) KLAX United 757-200 Gate B16 @MrAftonn United 311
Houston KHOU United 737-800 Gate 14 @ United 276

Cargo Routes
Destination ICAO Airline Airplane Gate Pilot Callsign
Memphis KMEM Fedex 777F Fedex Cargo 11 @Eagle2703 Fedex 1206
Louisville KSDF UPS MD-11F Cargo Apron 22 @ariete UPS 1013
Philadelphia KPHL UPS MD-11F Cargo Apron 21 @ UPS 1017
Newark KEWR Fedex 777F Fedex Cargo 10 @ Fedex 1026
Indianapolis KIND Fedex MD-11F Fedex Cargo 09 @AndrewGraham Fedex 2610


As of now this event is fully ATC staffed! This will make for a more fun and realistic event :)

Ground: @

Tower: @

Departure: @Anthony_Morgan

Boston Center: @Anthony_Morgan


Rules & Notams
  • Please Spawn in 15-20 mins before flight

  • Please use the airline and airplane that is assigned to the flight you choose

  • I am NOT responsible for any violations, reports, or other problems you may have while flying

  • All gates should fit the assigned aircraft, however, if you have a problem with your gate please let me know!

  • No pattern work will be allowed

  • Once your signed up add this to your calendar so you can remember the date and not miss out!

  • FPL to IF (I recommend using this for making your flight plans)

Airport Chart

Anyways… Most Importantly I hope this event will be fun and enjoyable for everyone, I’d really appreciate it if you could signup :)


Ill take this gate

Also spelled Phoenix wrong lol

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I’ll sign up for this flight!

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@Nightt , thanks so much for finding that spelling mistake! You are all signed up :)

@askrdl , thanks for signing up as well! You have been added to the event


I will take this flight

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Fedex 2610 to Indianapolis please

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Sign me up for this one! Can’t wait!

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@Arizona_Aviator , @AndrewGraham and @MathAviation7 thanks for signing up! You have all been added :)

Sign me up!

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I was looking at the wrong calendar so if you can see that message my bad lol.

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@LongHaulGuy , haha no worries! Would you like to signup?

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@Infiniteflightpro062 , thanks for signing up! You have been added ;)

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Oh yea, looking to see which route would work best right now.

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Ok to my surprise the BOS - SAN route is the same length as this flight so I will take this one please.

I will do Southwest to Denver

@Lachlanavitor Actually Can I do Iberia A330neo to Madrid

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@Ethan_Brown , I’m not sure that there is an Iberia NEO in the game

You know what I mean I meant the A330-300

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Sorry if this is a duplicate message but incase you didn’t see my message can I get this gate please? @Lachlanavitor

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@LongHaulGuy , yes that gate is yours! Thanks for signing up!

@Ethan_Brown , I’ll sign you up, thanks for joining :)

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