16OCT21 / 0000Z & 18000Z - Dubai Virtual presents "Celebrating Boss's Day" @ OMDB - KBOS - KATL

Dubai Virtual presents "Celebrating Boss's Day"

in collaboration with Virtual Blue

For this special occasion, let us be thankful for the amazing CEO, @SirMarkieMark, that DVA pilots got the chance to have as a leader but also as a friend who always help us grow. We would also like to show appreciation to the great codeshare JetBlue VA CEO, @Gonzo.

It’s a pleasure for @DubaiVirtual and Virtual Blue to celebrate boss’s day during this event as we will be flying from definitely Dubai to the home base of our CEO, Atlanta, via Boston on Flight EK237 and B6697 with a lay-over of about 4 hours. It is also the time for you to join us and discover the beans of Boston and the city busy for love!

Event Details:

Server: Expert
Date: Saturday 16th October
Wave 1 Time: 0000Z 2021-10-16T00:00:00Z
Wave 2 Time: 1800Z 2021-10-16T18:00:00Z

Wave 1 Flight EK237 Details:

Spawn time: 2021-10-15T23:50:00Z

Departure: Dubai Intl. - OMDB
Arrival: Boston Logan Intl. - KBOS
Estimated flight time: 13 hours 30 minutes
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER - Emirates

Wave 2 Flight B6697 Details:

Spawn time: 2021-10-16T17:50:00Z

Departure: Boston Logan Intl. - KBOS
Arrival: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intl. - KATL
Estimated flight time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Aircraft: Embraer 190 - JetBlue


Estimated Opening Time Frequency Controller
2021-10-15T23:45:00Z OMDB Ground @AviationChampion
2021-10-16T00:00:00Z OMDB Tower @AviationChampion
2021-10-16T00:00:00Z OMDB Departure
2021-10-16T13:15:00Z KBOS Approach
2021-10-16T13:20:00Z KBOS Tower @AviationChampion
2021-10-16T13:20:00Z KBOS Ground @AviationChampion
2021-10-16T17:45:00Z KBOS Ground @AviationChampion
2021-10-16T18:00:00Z KBOS Tower @AviationChampion
2021-10-16T18:00:00Z KBOS Departure
2021-10-16T20:05:00Z KATL Approach
2021-10-16T20:10:00Z KATL Tower @AviationChampion
2021-10-16T20:10:00Z KATL Ground @AviationChampion

Wave 1 - OMDB Concourse B Gate Assignments
Gate Pilot Callsign
F17 @Julien_Narayanasawmy Emirates 898VA
F18 @SirMarkieMark Emirates 001VA

Photo credits: @Chet_Lewis

Wave 2 - KBOS Terminal C Gate Assignments
Gate Pilot Callsign
25 @Gonzo
27 @SirMarkieMark Emirates 001VA
33 @Julien_Narayanasawmy Emirates 898VA
31 @Jxshua Emirates 119VA

Photo credits: @Gonzo


  • You can sign up for any wave of your choice.
  • Your gate will be assigned upon confirmation through a reply.
  • Spawn in time, that is 10 minutes before event start. (A google calendar link will be provided to you upon confirmation so that you can set a reminder)
  • Pushback is allowed at the event start time.
  • Wave 1: Copy FPL from @Julien_Narayanasawmy with callsign Emirates 898VA.
  • Wave 2: Copy FPL from @Gonzo
  • Be professional during the flight, and maintain a safe separation of 12-15 nm during cruise.
  • Follow ATC instructions.
  • And be respectful to other pilots.



Aaaaaaye! Thanks @DubaiVirtual! Y’all know you guys mean a lot to me. I’m thankful to be working with you all! Looking forward to celebrating in the skies and I LOVE that we are partnering with one of our codeshares as well!



So let me get gat F18 for wave one and 27 for wave 2 please and thank you.

Emirates 001VA


We were waiting for your response, we are happy to fly with you! ~ DVA Event Team

@SirMarkieMark, you have been assigned Concourse B Gate F18 at Dubai for Wave 1 and Terminal C Gate 27 at Boston for Wave 2.


I am going to suggest a gate for me on the 16th, and would love to lead the flight if possible from KBOS to KATL. I will do all the flight planning and such if needed.

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@Gonzo, you have been assigned Terminal C Gate 25 at Boston for Wave 2.

Sure you can lead wave 2, you are the master of that route ;)

Will you fly in wave 1 too? And what will be your callsign?

I can take this please.

I can take this as well

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Thank you @AviationChampion. You have been assigned TGS for OMDB & KBOS on Wave 1.

You’re welcome, do you need any other events staffed?

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For this event, we still need ATC for wave 2.

But, we do not have any other event out. Maybe in the coming weeks! Thank you for your interest.

I can take wave two as well then. And from there you can change your tag to #atc-staffed since the basic ATC necessities have been met.

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Thank you very much for your service. You have been assigned TGS for KBOS & KATL on Wave 2 as well. Tag has been changed.

I’ll take a flight for Wave 2, Emirates 119VA, thanks!

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@Jxshua, you have been assigned Terminal C Gate 31 at Boston for Wave 2.

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@Gonzo we are on our way. Got delayed from our last event.


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Flight plan is ready to copy.

.78 Cruise
12-15nm separation
Respond to all ATC

Once previous aircraft is 5 nm from airport, the next aircraft can takeoff.

3000 vs to 1000 AGL then
2500 to 10k ft
300 kits to cruise then adjust to .78
1800 to cruise


Where are y’all at

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On our way now. Just landed at our other event. Sorry for the delay

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My bad went wrong way


@Gonzo @SirMarkieMark @Jxshua
I updated the fpl’s STAR with altitudes for approach, you can all copy now!

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