16OCT2021 / 1800Z & 17OCT2021 / 1100Z - NEW Plane Spotting Session OPEN CALL @NZAA

One question, (off-topic) is the Frankfurt video done/ready or when is it estimated?

My call sign will be New Zealand-199

Can you remind me the route?

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It is published already 🙃

Hahaha indeed! We found a route

Yes, the route is Auckland- Queenstown. I will be doing a departure.

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Oh I also don’t have discord I’m still wondering if I can join.

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Yeah this is running via the IFC only

Wave 1 - 16OCT - 1800Z - KAL129 - RKSI → NZAA, @ariete . Will be flying an Ethiopian VA codeshare route, also a real world route, currently operated by a B789, historically serviced by the B744 and my weapon of choice the B772ER.

Wave 1 - 16OCT - 1900Z - ETH633VA - NZAA → HAAB, @ariete . Essential Pharma cargo op for the African continent. This would likely be operated by an Ethiopian Cargo B77F which is what I’ll be flying.

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Ok great! See you then

Awesome choices! See you soon

Yeah the event runs only here.

aiming to fly liveries different to what’s already on the board (increase chances of making the final cut😅) no one else is arriving in Korean Air nor departing Ethiopian Cargo🤓

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GREAT! Yes, I am informed this is only here now.

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Hi can i take a air nz 787 from Ypph-nzaa?

Sure, United flys a number of long haul aircraft normally its the 77W or 772 but sometimes there has been a 787-9.

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Hey Kostas nice event… I chose this route: LA801 from Santiago SCL to Auckland AKL

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Hey there! Can I take Approach for the 1st session?


I’ll take a flight from Auckland to Rarotonga in the Air New Zealand 789; Day One.
Callsign is NAPC157.

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Hey so I’m a bit confused as to what time I will be departing, do you mind explaining a bit? Thank you!