16OCT20 - Friday Night Flight: Bottom Of The Mountain Slope @ OIIE/OIII

On my 3rd flight of the day.

So far done:

  • Beijing Peking to Tehran IKA, Mahan Air (Generic) A340-600

  • New York JFK to Tehran IKA, Iran Air 747-200*

  • Ahwaz to Tehran THR, Iran Air (Generic) A320

  • Dubai to Almaty, FlyDubai 737-800

I want to ideally explore all the controlled airports over the next 6ish hours. I can’t wait to fly some of these amazing routes!

*Interesting fact: This was a real Iran Air route, last operated in November 1979, where it had stopped due to USA’s sanctions on Iran’s aviation industry.

On November 8th 1979, a flight from Tehran to New York had a hostage onboard, and had to be diverted to Montreal. This was the last flight of this route.


You’re right but my message was just for the people who prefer realistic flights.

I did PEK to THR in Iran Air 742, old route found on airfleets

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