Aircraft and Livery : Air Canada B77W (777-300ER) Note: Any aircraft which can make the route are welcome.

Route : CYUL - EDDF (hopefully ATC coverage at departure 🤞)

Time of Departure : 2200Z or 2020-10-15T22:00:00Z in your Timezone.

Server : Expert

Flight time : 6-7 hours

This is my final flight for this my current subscription and I wanted to say goodbye to the community and the live servers properly. Yesterday I became a beta tester and have organized for my final flight to be with an aircraft I haven’t flown yet.
I will come back though in about 3 months 😃

Anyway, I’d love to see you there, sorry for the late notice.


I think you might want to check your date 😉

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with timezones, the date may seem different. I am in the Melbourne, Australia timezone and we are in daylight savings so they might seem a bit different. This is also my first event so I may have some info wrong. What would you change it too?

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Something that isn’t June 2020. (Also must be within 30 days from today)


Nothing wrong with the time, Im saying you put June of this year


Oh haha. I completely didn’t notice that. My bad. I’ll fix.


You don’t have gates

It’s really casual and late notice. I don’t expect many people to come along and I may change the route so I really don’t think it’s too necessary.

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Oh well ok but i might suggest to add some so more people can come

I wish I could but I have swimming, and also this is on one very special day for me 😉

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