16NOV21/1200Z- Himalayan Getaway @ VABB to VILH

Already started?!

No bro still 5 hours to go

I got a notification at 06z event starting now. Maybe its a bug

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Maybe let me check for that @Magician

Now its shows correct @Omkar_Rathi

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Sorry a bit late. Any chance I can get that one? A320 Indigo.

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A320 air India for me

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Yeah sure, Will assign you a gate

Yeah, Will sign you up

Last time as I said I would do Delhi to Mumbai First. But since I was busy I had to do it now. But since it is in an hour I’ll be able to join So I can do Delhi - Mumbai - Leh

It now says Event is about to start when it starts at 5:45.

Event is at 30 mins from now

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im spawning rn

Spawned in!

Spawned in, everyone can copy my flight plan (callsign VT-SOO)


When you get to Leh, please follow the parking guidelines as shown here in the section on Terminals and Parking:


What an event ♥️


Thank you❤️😘

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Lovely event! Really got some attention to this beautiful new gem of a 3D airport


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