16MAY21 / 1700Z - Aer Lingus to Alicante @EICK

Hello everyone! I am hosting a group flight this evening at 1700Z, from Cork to Alicante! This flight will take us from one of Aer Lingus’ secondary hubs to the scenic eastern coast of Spain! This route, along with many others, can be flown with Aer Lingus VA, and is sure to be a lot of fun. Flight details can be seen below.

Flight Number: EI856
Route: Cork - Alicante
Aircraft: Aer Lingus Airbus A320-200 (Old Livery)
Departure Time: 1700Z
Estimated Flight Time: 2:15

Weight and Balance
Fuel: 8500kgs
PAX: 55
Cargo: 1,150kgs

Flight Plan
Copy my FPL

Climb Profile
250 / 300 / M.78
2800 / 2200 / 1800

Cruise Information
Cruise Altitude: FL350
Cruise Speed: M 0.78

Runway Operations
Departing Runway: 34
Landing Runway: 28


May I join

Expert server, right?

ill tag along

If you need ATC, I could help out?

@WilsonLYT @FlyIf_0011IFPA Thanks for attending! You can spawn in now!

If you would like to, that would be great! For the arrival or departure would be great!

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I could do both!

Perfect! Thanks

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i cant come right now, sorry!

Oh no! My iPad went out of battery even though it’s plugged in 🙄🤔 I will probably get you at Alicante. Enjoy!

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Arriving at Alicante in the next 20 minutes if you want to control.

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Sorry about that I was away. Hope the flight was nice.

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