16MAY20 / 1900Z After B-Day Fly Out! An American Fly Out! @ KJFK

New York JFK!-01

New York City Fly-Out!

New York City is the world’s biggest city and most visited one! It has one of the most popular and frequented Airport: JFK !
New York JFK is the 6th busiest airport in the :us: and the 21st in the :afrique: world. Let’s make that happen during the Event!

the blue texts in boxes aren’t links until you arrive at VAs description :)

Event Description

Hello IFC Folks I would like to present a huge Fly-Out from one of the most popular and frequented airport in the World and the biggest city in the world, I’ll call New York J.F.K (KJFK). This fly Out is also my first time to host an Event! As you may read it will be an « After Party » Fly-Out because it will be just after my Birthday :visage_à_l’envers:!
During this event you will choose a destination from those below everything will be provided (FPL, Gate, Airline/Aircraft etc…).

Event Details

[33 Current Attendants!]

Date: 2020-05-16T00:00:00Z
Time: 2020-05-16T19:00:00Z 1900z
Server: Expert
Airport/HUB: KJFK (See Destinations)

Event Destinations

Destinations (Europe)
City ICAO Aircraft Airline
Paris LFPG B772/A333 DELTA
Oslo ENGM B789 Norwegian Shuttle
London EGKK A346 Virgin Atlantic
London EGLL A333/B772 Delta
Frankfurt EDDF A359 Lufthansa
Munich EDDM B772 Delta
Lisbon LPPT B752 Delta
Barcelona LEBL A359 Iberia
Madrid LEMD B772 Delta
Roma LIRF B772 Alitalia
Amsterdam EHAM B772 KLM
Dublin EIDW B763 Delta
Istanbul LTFM B77W Turkish Airlines
Prague LKPR B772 Delta
Destinations (Asia)
City ICAO Aircraft Airline
Dubaï OMDB B77W Emirates
Doha OTHH A359 Qatar
Mumbai VABB B788 Air India
Tel Aviv LLBG A333/B777 Delta / El AI
Tokyo RJTT A359 Delta
Tokyo RJAA B777 ANA
Shanghaï ZSPD A359 China Eastern
Seoul RKSI A388 Korean Air
Destinations (Africa)
City ICAO Aircraft Airline
Dakar GOBD B763 Delta
Johannesburg FAOR A346 SAA
Lagos DNMM B772 Delta
Casablanca GMMN B788 Royal Air Maroc
Addis Abeba HAAB (1) B788 Ethopian
Destinations (Americas)
City ICAO Aircraft Airline
Philadelphia KPHL B712 Delta
Charlotte KCLT B738 Delta
Atlanta KATL A319/B738 Delta
Chicago KORD A320 American
Detroit KDTW B739/A319 Delta
Miami KMIA A321 Delta
Fort Lauderale KFLL A321 Jetblue
Los Angeles KLAX B772 Delta
San Francisco KSFO B772 Delta
Sao Paulo SBGR B752 Delta
Houston KIAH B739 Delta
Boston KBOS B712 Delta
Montreal CYUL DH8 Westjet/Air Canada
Toronto CYYZ A319 Rouge
Orlando KMCO B739 Delta
Daytona KDAB B738 Delta
Washington KIAD CRJ2 Delta
Denver KDEN B739/A321 Delta
Las Vegas KLAS B752 Delta
Indianna KIND A319 Delta
Raleigh KRDU B712 Delta
Cleveland KCVG B738 Delta
Phœnix KPHX B752 Delta
Austin KAUS A319 American Airlines
Lynden Pendling MYNN A319 Delta
Special Ultra-Long-Haul
ICAO Aircraft Airline Duration NOTAM
xx B789 Qantas 19:00 N/A
xx A388 Qantas xx:xx 1 Stop at LAX
WSSS A359 Singapore 18:00 Normally Flight is from KEWR

If you have a destination that you would really want to fly maybe I can add it:)

Gates Assignment

How to Sign in :
Reply in Thread with your desired Destination (See Destinations Above).

Europe & Asia Destinations (5 left)
Gate Aircraft Airline IFC name PB time ICAO
B22 B777 Aeroflot IF-Holland 1900z UUEE
B25 B772 KLM @jnbossies 1900z EHAM
B24 B772 Air France @Sami_Fajita_Air 1904z LFPG
B27 A333/B772 Delta @M_Lameo_Aviation 1904z EGLL
B26 772 Delta @Phil1988 1906z LKPR
B29 A388 KE @Josh_Suarez 1906z RKSI
B28 B772 Delta @IF-Africa 1908z LFPG
B31 B772 Delta @bouncy_butter 1908z LEMD
B30 B772 Delta @Warha 1910z EDDM
B33 B772 Alitalia @titto135 1910z LIRF
B32 B789 KLM @Charles_B 1912z EHAM
B35 B789 Norshuttle @Kevin_Rigs 1912z ENGM
B34 xx xx xx 1914z xx
B37 xx xx xx 1914z xx
B36 xx xx xx 1916z xx

More gates can be added if needed

Asia & Africa Destinations (5 left)
Gate Aircraft Airline IFC name PB time ICAO
B39 773 Cathay @Manav_Suri 1916z VHHH
B41 B788 Air India @MatthewSwift 1902z VABB
B38 A359 China Eastern @Alexandre 1900z ZSPD
A03 A359 Delta @DanG387 1900z RJTT
A02 B77W Emirates @ali_mujeeb 1900z OMDB
A05 A359 Qatar @vexzty 1902z OTHH
A04 B77W Emirates @Zuhair_Al-ajmi 1900z OMDB
A06 B788 Royal Air Maroc @Andy_Dash 1902z GMMN
65 B788 Air India @John370 1900z VABB
66 B788 Air India @DhruvChopra 1902z VABB
90 xx xx xx 1902z xx
89E xx xx xx 1904 xx
87 xx xx xx 1902 xx

More Gates can be added if needed

Americas Destinations (12 left)
Gate Aircraft Airline IFC name PB time ICAO
25 CRJ2 DELTA @dca.iad.aviation 1900z KIAD
10 B772 DELTA @Lawin_S 1902z KLAX
02 A333 Delta @Gabriel_Gava 1904z SBGR
06 A359 Delta @riley_bertoia 1906z KATL
07 Heavy xx xx 1904z xx
08 Heavy xx xx 1906z xx
09 Heavy xx xx 1908z xx
12 Heavy xx xx 1902z xx
15 A321 Jetblue @CaptainZac 1900z KFLL
16 B739 Event Host @Babacar 1902z KIAH
14 B738 DLVA @Kevinsoto1502 1900z KMSP
17 A320 Air Canada/Delta @alexis_lcp 1904z CYUL
11 CRJ9 DL @Saharsh 1904z KDTW
18 xx xx xx 1906z xx
10 xx xx xx 1906z xx
19 xx xx xx 1908z xx
9A xx xx xx 1908z xx
20 xx xx xx 1900z xx
21 xx xx xx 1908z xx
07 xx xx xx 1908z xx
22 xx xx xx 1908z xx
06 xx xx xx 1904z xx
05 xx xx xx 1904z xx
04 xx xx xx 1904z xx
25 xx xx xx 1906z xx
28 xx xx xx 1908z xx

More Gates can be added if needed

Special Routes (2 left)
Gate Aircraft Airline IFC name PB time ICAO
94 B789 Qantas xx 1900z YSSY (1)
91 A388 Qantas @SahyaQFFlyer 1904z YSSY (2)
93 A359 Singapore @Marc.Stinger 1908z WSSS
95 B789 Qantas xx 1906z YSSY
97 B789 Qantas @InfiniteBrafitYT 1908z YSSY


Pushback Instructions

Execute Pushback at your assigned Pushback (PB) time see above.

Taxi Instructions

Runways according to destination:

Direction Runway
Europe 13R
Africa 13R
Americas 13L
Special 13L
Asia 13R

F.A.Q: Why not to use all runways ?

Imagine what would happen if we have intersecting departures with only unicom😁.

Flight Planning

Website/Software to get a realistic and great flight plan:

Rate The Event From 1 to 5 !

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Event Partners

Delta Virtual Air Lines

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About Delta Virtual Air Lines

DLVA was officially recognized as a certified Virtual Airline by the IFVARB on December 26, 2016 under the guidance of their former CEO, USA007 from the Infinite Flight Community. In nearly a year of service, DLVA have grown to be one of the largest VA’s on Infinite Flight. This number does not come without quality as DLVA hold a very high standard of professionalism both on the IFC, the VA Community, and on the IF Live Servers.

At DLVA, members pride theirselves on having one of the most active communities within the Infinite Flight Community. As such, it is their initiative to bring our pilots together for group flights, internal events and IFC events on the biggest stage and around the globe. From a Sky Team Event Series with their friends at AF-KLM that saw more than 50 pilots take flight from KATL to KSLC, to enjoying a #TurbopropTuesday from KBOS to Toronto, Delta Virtual brings our pilots together for some of the biggest events on the IFC.
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All active Skyteam Virtual Airlines:

AFKLM, Air France KLM
DLVA, Delta
AMVA, Aeromexico
GAVA, Garuda Indonesia
CIVA, China Airlines Virtual

Thank you! Stay safe and healthy wherever you are in the world !

How to Wash Your Hands

Source and For More infos::


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Can I get the gate to Dulles?

Hello! Thanks for the reminder! And yeah for sure I will assign you to Dulles!

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Dang, so many birthdays in May
Idk if I’m able to grab a gate, but I’ll see

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Hi Babacar congrats on your birthday, can I get a gate for
LAX please

Yeah you Bet! Some of my friends are even May too! Alright reply when you’re able :) there are a lot of short hauls!

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Thanks for joining Lawin will asign you ASAP. :)

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Hey Babacar! I’ll take the China Eastern A359 to Shanghai!

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Hey Babou ! I’ll take a gate for Shangai please, with China Eastern :))


I was first Alex 😏

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hahaha just saw that, take it ;)

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Then @Babacar i’ll go to Tokyo Hanneda please, A350 delta

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Hey Bab! I’ll take 788 to VABB Mumbai
Callsign M-SWIFT

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for me: AFKLM 007:
Amsterdam EHAM B772 KLM

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Hey @Babacar i 'll take a gate for dubai

Emirates B77W
Callsign: AFKLM407

Hello! Thanks for joining I’ll set you a gate !

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It’s not a problem! You can go to shangai if you want too!

Thanks for joining will set you!

Hello Can I get QF12 to Sydney please via KLAX, thanks!