16MAY20 / 1815Z - EVA VS China Airlines | Connecting The US to Taiwan @ RCTP-KSFO

EVA VS China Airlines | Connecting The US to Taiwan


Hello, my name is Casper. I am designing flights from now on to help people in grade 2 advance to the expert server or people in grade 3 advance to grade 4 and finally get that beloved green nametag. I will try to do this every night so people will get at least 1 flight per day. I hope that this will grow to be a big sub-community in IF and that it will help a lot of people advance within the game. So far, 2 people have moved on from grade 2 by participating in these events. @Spencer_Clark will be posting the next 6 events but I will still be the host of these events. If you have any questions/concerns please contact one of the staff members. This is the 7th flight of this series making this the first week of hopefully many to come. Today we will be flying from Taiwan to SFO (one of my 3 home airports) in the Boeing 78X. This aircraft is rarely flown both in IF and in real life. Only a few airlines use this aircraft. This aircraft is much different from the rest of its family because of its length. It is 5 meters longer than the B789 and 11 meters longer than the B788. EVA services this route with their B78X every day of the week. China airlines is EVA air’s biggest competitor as they are both fighting to be the best carrier in Taiwan. They also fly this route with their new A359. I have personally flown on United’s B78X a few times on their route to BRU from EWR and back. It is a very smooth and modern aircraft. I hope to see a lot of people there, remember to respect ATC or use Unicom appropriately, please spawn gates about 10-15 min before the STD.

Here is a link to the FPL.

Have a Great Day!

Server: Training

Airport(s): RCTP/KSFO

Aircraft: EVA Air B78X VS China Airlines A359

Time: 2020-05-16T18:10:00Z


  • Spawn about 10 minutes before the event starts

  • Act responsibly and listen to ATC

  • If someone has taken your gate just spawn at a nearby gate that isn’t assigned to anyone else.

  • We do fly on training server so unfortunately there is a possibility that there is already ATC. If you are assigned an ATC role I recommend going to the airport before people start spawning in.

Gate Assignments
Gate Attendant
T1 Gate A1 @Casp959er73
T1 Gate A2 @Hardlanding_Hussain
T1 Gate A3 @Spencer_Clark
T1 Gate A4 @Earl_Martindale
T1 Gate A5
T1 Gate A6
T1 Gate A7
T1 Gate A8
T1 Gate A9
T1 Gate D1
T1 Gate D2
T1 Gate D3
T1 Gate D4
T1 Gate D5
T1 Gate D6
T1 Gate D7
T1 Gate D8
T1 Gate D9
T1 Gate D10

If anyone knows a lot about this airport and notices that these gates are in the wrong terminal for this flight please tell me or any member of the staff and it will be fixed.


Ground/Tower: Available

Departure: Available


Ground/Tower: Available

Approach: Available



General Info 1

General Info 2

Participant List

@Hardlanding_Hussain @Earl_Martindale @Spencer_Clark


Host: @Casp959er73

Co-Host: @Spencer_Clark

HR Manger (EU and Asia): @Hardlanding_Hussain

HR Manger (Americas): @Earl_Martindale


what is the estimated flight time?

10 hours 55 minutes

ok thank u but i cant make it, it would get in at 1 am for me

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Sign me up!

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you know the word !!


Good morning pilots, a delay of 10 minutes has been issued. The new STD is 2020-05-16T18:10:00Z

I dont think China Airlines had B78X


Got confused there.

I’ll fix it to avoid confusion

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What plane are you going to use?

  • B78X
  • A359

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what is the weight of your aircraft and much fuel do you guys have?

@Casp959er73 @Earl_Martindale @Spencer_Clark
where you guys at?

i always put 60MINS reserve fuel

i put 10 tons more than it asked for.

should i dump some?

why is @Casp959er73 not here?

You guys go ahead, my wifi is acting up

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