16MAY20 / 1800Z - Takeoff Into Summer with United Virtual Airlines | Summer Kickoff Event @ KEWR

Takeoff Into Summer

A United Virtual Airlines Event


As we head into the summer break it’s time for vacations! What better way to start off summer than by heading down to Puerto Rico. We will be departing from Newark, United’s third-largest Hub. We will be taking a scenic route down the East Coast of the US. After Florida, you’ll soon be over the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. Next, the coastlines of Cuba and before you know it you’ll be descending down into San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Event Details

Server: Expert Server

Departure Airport: KEWR

Arrival Airport: TJSJ

Sign Ups Close: 2020-05-15T18:00:00Z

Departure Time: 2020-05-16T18:00:00Z

Estimated Flight Time: 4:00



  • Spawn in at assigned gate 15 minutes before departure.
  • Flight info will be given in an event group message.
  • We are not responsible for any ghosts.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be professional.
  • There will not be IFATC as of now.
  • Do not pushback if the pilot on either side of you are pushing back.


  • More 777 gates can be added by request!

Terminal C1
Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate C70 @United2 [UVAL224] United 737-900
Gate C71 @Anthony_Williams United A320-200
Gate C72 @DylanCV8 United 737-900
Gate C73 @Blake_Stephens [UVAL070] United A320-200
Gate C74 United A320-200
Gate C75 @Maxwell_Stephens [UVAL288] United A320-200
Gate C80 @Jafet_Zuniga United 737-900
Gate C81 @newbie427 United A320-200
Gate C82 @yoshi_flyer United A320-200
Gate C83 @Blue_Lantern United A320-200
Gate C84 United A320-200
Gate C85 United A320-200
Gate C86 United A320-200
Gate C87 United A320-200
Gate C88 United A320-200
Gate C90 @ORD777flyer United 737-900
Gate C92 @DIEGO11 [UVAL299] United 737-900
Gate C94 @Cole_Papenhausen United 737-900
Gate C95 United 737-900
Gate C96 United 737-900
Gate C97 United 737-900
Gate C98 United 737-900
Gate C99 United 737-900
Terminal C2
Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate C102 @Lufthansa2 United Airlines 777-200ER
Gate C103 @CaptainZac United Continental 767-300
Gate C107 @emirates123123 United Continental 757-200
Gate C108 @masterkiwi [UVAL076] United Airlines 777-200ER
Gate C110 @Eugene_Leybovich [UVAL115] United Airlines 777-200ER
Gate C111 @United10 [UVAL127] United Airlines 777-200ER
Gate C112 @Patrick_Gallagher [UVAL002] United Airlines 777-200ER
Gate C113 United Airlines - Star Alliance 757-200
Gate C115 @Josh_Smith [UVAL295] United 737-900
Terminal C3

These gates are open for anyone who wants to join us and not fly a United aircraft. Make sure your plane fits in the gate you request.

Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate C120W @Kevinsoto1502 United Airlines 777-200ER
Gate C122W @Gtmkm98 Continental DC-10
Gate C123W United Airlines 777-200ER
Gate C125W @Vanguard United Airlines A350-900
Gate C126W @Pingu United Airlines 777-200ER
Gate C128W @Shiv [UVAL326] United Airlines 777-200ER
Gate C130A @Victor_Amaral United Airlines 787-9
Gate C132W Request Down Below
Gate C134W Request Down Below
Gate C135W Request Down Below
Gate C137W @Alex420 United Continental 767-300
Gate C138W @Art3tic United Airlines 78X
Terminal B
Gate Pilot Aircraft
Gate B51 (GAT Reserved) @BadPlane A318 ACJ
Gate B52 (GAT Reserved) @Dylan_T 737 BBJ
Gate B53 (GAT Reserved) @shatti [GAT010] A318 ACJ
Gate B54 (GAT Reserved) @Thunderbolt 737-900 BBJ
Gate B55 @AlaskaFlyer03 C750
Gate B56 (GAT Reserved)
Gate B57 (GAT Reserved)
Gate B60 (GAT Reserved)
Gate B61 (GAT Reserved)
Gate B62 (GAT Reserved)





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Event Host

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United Virtual Airlines

United Virtual Airlines offers unique routes and destinations all over the world. We have some of the nicest, skilled, and amazing pilots in the IFC community. If you are interested in joining United Virtual Airlines click this link Join United Virtual Airlines


Sign me up in the first gate I wanna be the lead pilot

Gate C70 United 737-900


Ill take this please. UVAL115


I’ll take any gate please A320

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I’ll take Gate C73 in the A320 UVAL070


C74 A320 UVAL150 please!


C75 in an A320 please UVAL288

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Unfortunately, I cannot make it to this one… but I’m sure @Kevinsoto1502 would like this event!


Gate C108 B772

UVAL 076

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Can I take this gate please? Thanks and I hope to see you guys there :)

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I’ll take this gate UVAL297

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You got that right hehe! 😆😆

Ill take a 777-200ER Gate please ;)


Can I have this one please

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Can I grab gate C112?

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@Kevinsoto1502 I got you at Gate C120!

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Thank you sir 🇵🇷

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unfortunately, i can’t make it because i’ll be arriving when i’m asleep

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@Amrlazer no worries!

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Gate C71 please.

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Can you add me onto any gate that can support a 772? Thanks!

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